Monday 7 August 2017

Our Little Kitchen Helper

As you know, although we have a beautifully renovated kitchen, I'm hardly in it except to organise the cupboards/pantry or grab my favourite food from the fridge. Instead, the Mum-in-law is the Head Chef in our house and she calls most of the shots in the kitchen, much to our relief!

Recently, she has been getting my girl to help out in the kitchen a lot more, probably because she didn't want my girl to end up as clueless in the kitchen as her mother.

My girl was doing such a good job that I decided to get her the TOPPKLOCKA Children's Apron and Chef's Hat from IKEA to look even more professional!

Left: She looks so good in her chef's apron and hat!;
Right: Getting right to work sitting on the MASTERBY Light Blue Step Stool. I really love this stool because it is of the right height and sturdy enough to be used for both standing and sitting. Very useful for little kitchen helpers! =)

The girl was helping the Mum-in-law make fried wantons today, something that was easy enough to do.

My girl demonstrating how to lay out the wanton skin
The Mum-in-law got her to mix the filling in the plastic KALAS bowl so that there's no chance that she'll break them =)
Putting just enough filling on the wanton skin using her KALAS spoon, before folding the wanton skin in two to wrap the filling.

The challenge for kids (and even adults!) is knowing the right amount to put in thr wanton! Too much filling and the wanton will burst, too little and well, let's just say you're eating the skin more than you're eating the wanton! *laughs*

Laying out all the finished wanton on our FARGRIK plate
She really enjoys making wantons to fry!

The Mum-in-law will fry all the wantons once she is done. Although I don't have a picture of the final product because we finished them so quickly (we were too hungry), I can assure you that they were so delicious!

The girl was also bugging me to buy popsicles for her but instead of buying them, the cheapo me decided to get her to make her own!

Very excited that she will get to make and eat her own popsicles!

I am so lazy that we decided to use whatever sweet liquid I can find in the fridge, which turned out to be a can of Fanta Orange that we got for free from one of our hotel stays in Malaysia.

All we needed was a can of Fanta Orange and the Popsicle Maker from IKEA
Training her hand-eye coordination by pouring the drink into the Popsicle Maker
Putting her Popsicle Maker into the freezer

A few hours later, her popsicles were ready!

She absolutely loved them!

She wants me to teach her baking next and I have decided to learn just for her sake! Will update the blog, wish me luck! =D


Disclosure: An IKEA Gift Card was received from IKEA Singapore for the purposes of this post. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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