Monday 6 November 2017

Johor Bahru: Fanpekka in Aeon Tebrau City

I have been wanting to blog about our experience at Fanpekka in Aeon Tebrau City, Johor Bahru but was side-tracked with planning for our big trip to London-Scotland-Paris. It's a really fun indoor playground and definitely deserves some attention on this blog! *laughs*

Fanpekka Indoor Playground
Don't forget to bring your socks!

We bought the 5 Entries Passport Coupon for RM220 because we knew the kids would want to come back so it was more value for money that way.

One chop per entry, regardless of child

Each child will get a passport, which will be stamped at entry.

Fanpekka passport
Getting their passports stamped
Accumulate chops to get a free gift!

The playground was quite big, with various different areas for the kids to play in. Of course, the biggest attraction was the huge ship playground surrounded by thousands of balls!

Fanpekka ship
Having lots of fun climbing and not having to worry that you will fall
So many fun things to do and explore
On the ship itself
Pulling the seat of the mini flying fox and riding it! 
Super huge slide!
Ample space for parents to chill while watching your kids

Right next to the ship is a castle, which is linked to the ship via another slide.

Yet another slide and a mini rock climbing wall
There are other entrances to the castle besides the rock wall which not many kids seem to fancy 
Entrance to the castle
Climbing up the steps to the top where there are various activities for kids
Sliding down the slides!
The one on the right projects interactive images! 

There was also a marketplace area to encourage role play!

The vegetable stall and flower shop
Watering the flowers and packing the vegetables
Manning the ice-cream stall
They even have really cute outfits for the kids to wear if they like it
Burger shop and pizzeria
Firefighters are always needed in a mini city in case a fire breaks out in the kitchens!

The kids loved role-playing, though it's of course not the same as Kidzania.

Finally, there's an assembly area where kids can build and decorate their own house from scratch and be an interior designer!

Assemble and build a house!
Many little houses already built
My girl loves playing house with her brother!

The playground allows multiple re-entries within the day so you can leave, grab a bite and come back again later to continue the fun. Very value for money I feel. The kids can spend about 6-7 hours here!

We've already been back again since these photos were taken and will likely go back again =D


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