Wednesday 29 November 2017

UK-Paris Day 5: Borough Market, Piccadilly Circus & Lion King The Musical

We decided to visit Borough Market again today since we didn't manage to do so last Sunday as it was closed.

Borough Market
Delicious hot food, perfect for the cold winter! 
I love the mussels and cinnamon croissant!!!!
I usually hate mussels but the ones at Borough Market changed my mind. UK mussels are so juicy and have none of the fishy taste I dislike. So yummy!!
Alcohol-infused cheese that was so unique that we just had to buy some! 

Borough Market certainly did not disappoint! We left with happy bellies and satisfied smiles on our faces =D

We took the Jubilee Line (grey) from London Bridge Station to Green Park Station and transferred to the Piccadilly Line (blue) to Piccadilly Circus Station to visit, you guessed it, Piccadilly Circus!

Picadilly Circus
With some of the Christmas decorations at Piccadilly Circus
With the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain in the background
The Piccadilly Emporium was a really cool shop with nice decorations for photos but the merchandise were more expensive than shops at Oxford Street

From Piccadilly Circus, it's just a short walk to Leicester Square, heart of the Arts in London. It's also where you can find Soho, London's Chinatown.

London's Chinatown
M&Ms World
(Address: 1 Swiss Court, London W1D 6AP, England)

Although the huge M&Ms World was really tempting, I was more attracted to the Lego Store located just opposite. It was like a mini Legoland in one huge store!

Lego Store
(Address: 3 Swiss Ct, London W1D 6AP, UK)
Plenty of photo opportunities in a Lego version of the London Tube
With the iconic red British mailbox and telephone booth
If you're into constructing your own face with Lego, you can buy one for £99.99 here at their Mosaic Maker. Do note that it's damn tedious so proceed with caution *laughs*
The girl designed and built her own minifigs for £4.95 per box. She was so proud of her end product!

We calculated that it was a lot cheaper to buy Lego here; hence, I decided to get the Expert level London Bus for £109. Of all the expert level boxes, it felt more significant to buy the London Bus when we're in London! The mum also got the mini London Bus at £9.90 for my boy's Christmas present! I actually regretted not getting more of the mini London Buses as I don't see them in Singapore!

All the Lego that I got to bring home!

As I spent above £60 and £100, I also got the Nutcracker and 24-in-1 box respectively FREE! I also got an additional VIP Lego because I spent enough to become a Lego VIP member! So worth it!!!! However, all that shopping also meant that I had to drag that huge box of Lego everywhere after that! *laughs*

We still had time to kill before our musical, Disney's The Lion King, which only starts at 7.30pm.

To be honest, I really wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which is played at Palace Theatre. Sadly, I had to be unselfish and choose a musical that could be enjoyed by the whole family (the mum and girl would not have liked Harry Potter *sob*). Oh well, definitely next time!

Since we still had about an hour to kill, we hung out at Leicester Square's McDonald's.

Enjoying our drinks and Happy Meal at Mcdonald's

When it was almost time for the show, we walked to Lyceum Theatre, which was approximately 15 minutes away.

Disney The Lion King
(Address: Lyceum Theatre, 21 Wellington Street, London, WC2E 7RQ)
We got tickets in the middle section, last 5 rows, for £74 including tax per person
Our view was partially blocked by the tall folks in front of us but for the price we paid, we can't really complain

The musical was awesome but the timing was simply too late for us, who were still functioning on Singapore time and used to waking up super early in the morning. Although it was only 7.30pm in London, it was actually way past midnight for us! Half the show was spent trying to keep our eyes opened! Truly regretted not getting tickets to the afternoon show!

After the musical, we actually walked all the way to Charing Cross Station hoping to catch the last train but we didn't manage to. In the end we had to take a London cab back to the hotel. It cost us a whopping £31 but at least we got to ride in a London cab for the first time!

We had to sleep the minute we got back to the hotel as we had to wake up very early the next morning to catch the train to Edinburgh. I can't believe that it's our last full day in London! Time went by so quickly!

All I can say is, I love London and I'll definitely be back! 😁

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