Sunday 8 April 2018

Climbing for Kids at My Little Climbing Room

We were invited to check out My Little Climbing Room, a place where little kids can try rock climbing.

My Little Climbing Room
Colourful walls to attract the little ones

I've always considered sending my boy for rock climbing since he loves to climb everything he sees. This was the best opportunity to test if he really likes it.

Putting on the safety harness
All ready to climb!

Each wall is coloured differently to represent different levels of difficulty. Within the walls are also different coloured climbing holds that creates different levels of difficulty.

Level 1 = kids can grab onto any colour climbing holds
Level 2 = kids can only grab onto one colour on the easy route
Level 3 = kids can only grab onto another colour but a more difficult route

To encourage the kids to try the different difficulty levels, they are given a chart to track their progress.

My Little Climbing Room Reward Chart

My kids didn't really care for it. They just wanted to climb free-style in any way they liked!

Interactive wall where the aim is to press the white dots projected on the wall
The aim of this wall is to climb through the hula hoops to get to the bell on top
The kids had to generate a random number on the iPad and climb to that number on the wall. The boy liked this one the most, unless because it wasn't as hard as some of the other walls.

Adults have to join in and act as a belayer when the kids climb the orange, red yellow and green walls. You'd get a little tutorial before that and don't worry, it's not that hard.

Me belaying my girl on the easy Orange Wall
It took a lot of coaxing for the boy to try this Red Wall and even then he was really scared to go all the way to the top! The instructors were patiently guiding him up the wall!
The Yellow Wall is the second hardest wall because it's slightly inclined. Initially the girl was very apprehensive about being able to climb it but she managed to do it! Proud of her! 
The Green Wall was the most challenging due to the sharper incline at the top. My girl tried her hardest but couldn't get to the top. Oh well, maybe next time. 

At a certain timing, the staff will organise a mass game to get the kids to move about. The kids loved the game!

Taking part in the mass game for all the kids

At the end of the session, they also got to keep a souvenir photo of their climb!

Free photo of each kid to keep as souvenirs

Useful information on My Little Climbing Room:

  • Weekday sessions are unlimited play time and weekends sessions are 90 mins.
  • Max capacity is 15 children at each time (online booking is encouraged to secure slots).
  • Each admission pass admits one child and one adult (i.e. for each paying child, an adult admits for free). Additional adult at $5 each.
  • Multi passes (5x or 10x) may be purchased over the counter.
  • Multi passes may be shared: this means you can use 5 x Multipass for 1 child and 1 adult for 5 sessions OR 5 children and 5 adults in 1 session OR any other combinations.
  • Although it was built for kids, the whole facility is rated safe even for adults that are much heavier.
  • The walls are built by the parent company of Climb Central (the one at Kallang Wave Mall @ Sports Hub). 
  • They do parties too!

If your kids have never tried climbing before, you can give My Little Climbing Room a try, especially if you live in the Northeast or East area. For us West dwellers, it's just too far and inconvenient! Maybe we'll find something similar in the West 😃


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Disclosure: Complimentary admission was received from My Little Climbing Room for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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