Tuesday 26 November 2019

Nagoya Day 2: Nagoya Castle & Osu at Night

Japanese breakfast closes really early (you need to be at the restaurant by 9am latest) hence we woke up early to get our breakfast and go for our morning onsen.

Traditional Japanese breakfast
More breakfast buffet spread
My choice of breakfast in little plates on a tray

After breakfast, we got ready to head out. Our hotel is conveniently located close to 2 train stations, Fushimi and Sakae Station, but there're about 5-10 minutes walk. Alternatively, the hotel also provides free shuttle bus service from hotel to Nagoya Station.

Taking photos in the beautiful lobby while waiting for the bus to arrive
(Side note: check out the super adorable sheepskin boots my kids are wearing! We got them from the outlet store in Hong Kong and the kids love it so much that they didn't want to take them off!) 

There are limited seats on the bus, hence the hotel requires you to obtain bus passes from the front desk 30 minutes before the bus is due to depart. For a large group like ours, the hubby had to be very punctual in collecting the passes in order to ensure our seats on the bus.

Dormy Inn Shuttle Bus
Our family took up 2/3 of the bus! 😅

We arrived at Nagoya Station and headed to the subway to take a train to Nagoya Castle. It's really easy to get around in Nagoya via the train system (read for more info).

General info on train travel in Nagoya:
  • Children under 12 years old pay the child fare while those under 1 year old is free.
  • Child under 7 years old is free with one accompanying paying adult.
  • Consider getting the IC Card which functions like our Ez-link card. It's more convenient as you can just tap and go. 
  • There are no IC Cards for children, hence we had to buy one-way tickets for my eldest girl (my other 2 children are free). It is worth the trouble though as the child pays half the price of an adult. 
  • You can buy IC Cards and tickets from the ticketing machines at each station. Note that IC cards can only be bought from the yellow ticketing machines (see photo below). 
  • The cost of travelling via subway in Nagoya starts at ¥210 per adult and ¥100 per child. 
  • Most of the time we paid about ¥210-270 per adult and ¥100-150 per child one way. 

Clockwise from left: Yellow Ticket Machines;
The IC Card;
Child ticket is usually half the price of an adult. 

To get to Nagoya Castle, we took the Sakuradori Line (red) from Nagoya station to Hisaya-odori Station and changed to the Meijo Line (violet) to Shiyakusho Station.

You can find these Nagoya signs near major tourist attractions. This one is at the exit of the train station as we made our way to Nagoya Castle.
Passing some restaurants on the way to Nagoya Castle and couldn't resist taking pictures with the beautiful trees
Photos with my baby girl on one of the benches

It was time for lunch so the hubby suggested eating at one of the restaurants along the way.

Left: Lunch at Saien
(Address: 1 Ninomaru, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0032, Japan);
Right: We ordered the speciality of Nagoya, which was recommended by the restaurant. It was pretty good!
We decided to sit outside to enjoy the nice cold weather while we can
The boy simply loves salmon roe so the hubby ordered this special menu with salmon roe spilling out of the bucket! Boy and I (the only 2 people who love salmon roe) really enjoyed it!! 💖 

After breakfast, we made our way to Nagoya Castle.

Buying our tickets at the entrance of Nagoya Castle
(Address: 1-1 Honmaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0031, Japan)
Beautiful castle grounds
I have no idea what this is but it looks beautiful 😄
The castle gate
Love this cute standee of my kids! 😄
Selfie in front of the palace
This is the Shogun's residence
You need to take off your shoes before entering the Shogun's residence and the palace. You can keep your shoes in lockers at the palace. 
You will basically be led through multiple rooms just like this one with various art work painted on the walls. The more black laquer the room has, the higher the rank of the person living in it.

It's quite a big palace but pretty much all the rooms look similar 😅

We also explored a nearby 3-storey tower with not much to look at except for the view of the castle grounds from the top.

You can see the visitors streaming in from the gate

Of course a visit to Nagoya Castle will not be complete without a photo with the castle itself!

Left: A photo of me with the Nagoya Castle, taken by my girl (she's not naturally good at photography but I'm training her so that she can take nice photos of me 😄);
Right: Beautiful autumn leaves!
A little selfie of me and my girls and the Nagoya Castle.

Sadly the castle was closed for refurbishments. We had to make do with ice cream instead, which the kids very much preferred anyway.

The boy only eats chocolate ice cream while the girl likes green tea. Both were delicious! 😋

My plan was to visit at least two attractions today. However, with a baby and a very active preschooler, we ended up taking longer than usual at Nagoya Castle. By the time we started heading to our next destination, it was already 5.30pm!

Such a beautiful Exit at the subway station
Follow the signboards to Osu Shopping Street

We took the Meijo Line (violet) to Kamimaezu Station to visit the famous Osu Shopping Street. It was dark by the time we arrived.

Entrance to Osu Shopping Street
Add caption

Sadly, many of the shops were closed. Thankfully we stumbled onto Seria, a 100 yen store that was still opened!

Seria store at Osu Shopping Street

You can't visit Japan without visiting a 100 yen store. You can basically buy almost everything at just slightly over a dollar here! 👍🏻

The hubby also found this fried chicken stall located next to the famous Osu Kannon.

Freshly fried chicken!

Since it was already dark, I only managed to get some photos of the Osu Kannon at night.

Osu Kannon

We planned to come back again another day since we have a few extra days in Nagoya (we purposely spread out our itinerary over a longer time so that we don't have to rush like crazy with a baby).

We were planning to have dinner somewhere near our hotel but decided to have dinner at Miyamoto Munashi while walking to Osu Kannon Station.

Miyamoto Munashi
Order via their ordering machine
My set meal with beef

We were the only family at the restaurant! Everyone else were mostly men eating alone. The whole system functions such that you can go a whole meal without even talking to anyone! Very interesting.

After a full meal, we took a lift down to Osu Kannon Station and took the Tsurumai Line (light blue) to Fushimi Station.

Waiting for our train at the station

By the time we arrived back at our hotel, I was so exhausted that I almost couldn't feel my feet! When I synced my tracker at the end of the day, I realised that I had walked 18000 steps! And I was carrying my baby in a carrier for more than 80% of it! No wonder I felt so tired!

Thank God for a good soak in the onsen and a delicious ramen supper to end the day! ❤️

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