Saturday 3 April 2021

Hay Dairies Farm & Crab Lovers Farm

You can't say you've visited the farms in Lim Chu Kang until you've visited the only goat farm in Singapore! 

Unlike Qian Hu Fish Farm or Kok Fah Technology Farm, which is situated relatively close to Chu Chu Kang, Hay Dairies is located almost near the coast of the North-West part of Singapore. 

Thankfully it's not that ulu. You can still reach it by SMRT bus 975.

The kids were excited to get to do something fun on Easter Saturday instead of the usual boring shopping we like to do at the air-conditioned malls 😂

Entry to the farm is free; just make sure to support them by buying goat feed to feed the very hungry goats! 🐐

The older kids have visited the farm with their preschools before in the past but this was the Littlest Girl's first visit. 

Unlike her brother, who had enthusiastically started feeding the goats, the Littlest Girl was not as enthusiastic. She stood mostly at a distance and would only feed the goats if we carried her. The Eldest Girl is also not a huge fan of animals, even though she was willing to feed them, albeit at a distance 😅

After we had finished feeding, we headed back to the cafe where we bought some goat milk for the kids to drink. 

The Eldest Girl and I dislike the taste of goat's milk but the Boy and the Littlest Girl liked it. I guess it depends on your personal preference. 

We decided to visit Crab Lovers Farm as well since it was nearby. Hubby had read that we could buy live seafood at a very good price. 

The seafood here is seasonal, as with most seafood sellers, hence do expect some variation to the menu. You can find the list of seafood and the price on the wall, so you can be sure of transparency in pricing. 

Although their signboard says 'crab' but you can buy all sorts of live fish and crustaceans here. 

We came to buy a crab but ended up with both a crab and a bag of prawns that were still kicking in the bag! Super fresh! 

We had a delicious dinner that day courtesy of the Masterchef Mum-in-law! What a treat! 😋


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