Friday 3 September 2021

Coastal Groove at East Coast Park

It was quite sad to know that the Big Splash that we have all known since our childhood is no more. Although a playground, Coastal Groove, was built in its place, the feeling is just different. 

I guess the younger generation wouldn't know any better since they've never even seen Big Splash before, let alone know what they've missed. 

We brought the kids to check out the playground, which was more suited for older kids. 

That did not stop my Littlest from stepping onto the play structure, rather fearlessly too if I might add. It's quite high up at certain parts of the playground; it's better to avoid if you have a fear of heights. 

The playground was relatively sheltered, except at the top, which was exposed to the afternoon sun. My girls enjoyed swinging at the top, with a really great view! 

The slides were quite tall and generally meant for older kids, including teens, hence the Littlest couldn't go on the slide even though she really wanted to! The 2 older kids had fun on the slides, though they stopped after 2 slides, explaining that it was way 'too slow' for any excitement. 

We hardly go to the beach cos the kids do not particularly enjoy the discomfort of walking on sand or getting it on their body (they definitely get that from me)! But we made a rare exception since we were so close to the beach.

We really wanted to ride the family quadricycle but the nearest bicycle rental was too far away from where we were. In the end, we decided to escape the heat and hide out somewhere with air-conditioning! As you can tell, we're totally not outdoorsy types unless outdoors means not sweating in the heat 😂

We'll probably come back again just to ride the quadricycle 😁


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