Tuesday 15 March 2022

Kidz Amaze at Safra Punggol & Jurong

Splash @ Kidz Amaze, Safra Punggol 

We've heard so many good things about this water playground in Punggol but had found it difficult to travel all the way to the Northwest of Singapore to visit. However, since we couldn't travel during the pandemic and almost maxed out on all the fun places in the West of Singapore (where we live), we decided that it was time to make the trip.

As it was the school holidays, all of the slots except for the last were fully booked so we had to book that slot. We picked the Littlest from preschool and made the trip directly. She was so shocked but excited! 

We changed into our swimming suits and jumped right into the water!

The playground wasn't big but there were enough slides to occupy my kids. Well, except for the Eldest, who was bored after 30 minutes once the initial novelty wore off. 

For the other 2 though, they enjoyed the water very much!

The Littlest is pretty independent and loves to do everything herself. This meant that I got to relax and only needed to keep one eye on her.

Enjoying these family moments while my Eldest is still 'young' enough to participate. She will soon outgrow these experiences and I will have to think of more fun places that can entertain my kids of all ages!

Kidz Amaze, Safra Jurong 

Since the kids loved Kidz Amaze Punggol, we thought we would bring the younger two kids to Kidz Amaze Jurong to continue the fun.

The playground is smaller in square feet compared to the other playgrounds so it has to utilise the vertical height instead. The playground stands about 4 storeys tall based on my estimation and is the tallest playground in Singapore!

There are the usual fun things to do like shooting balls and swinging on a big ball.

There is also a lot of climbing since it's the tallest playground in Singapore. Most of it is really tight for adults so unless you are ok to squeeze through small gaps to get to the top with your kids, may be best to bring kids who are independent climbers. Like my Littlest 😃

The playground is designed in such a way that you have to squeeze through a gap and navigate a maze of steps to get to the slides. But once the Littlest figured it out, she was at it on a loop!

After sliding down the slides, the kids also had to climb this flight of stairs to get back to the top. Not easy for smaller kids for sure.

Older kids can climb to the top of the structure and slide down the tallest slide in the playground!

Kids had a lot of fun, though we doubt we will be back as we like to explore other playgrounds ☺️


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