Monday 24 October 2022

Water Playdate at Clusia Cove

It was a public holiday and we didn't have anything planned. The Littlest Girl's best friend (our youngest niece) tagged along with us on our usual Sunday run to the supermarket.

We brought along our wagon to pull the two girls everywhere!

Later that afternoon, after the rain had stopped, I brought both girls to Clusia Cove at Jurong Lake Gardens to play!

We were pleasantly surprised to find a water play area that looks just like a wetland and complements the surrounding trees very well.

The girls enjoyed climbing on the very realistic looking rocks and playing with the sand in the water.

The water depth was just nice for the girls but maybe a bit too shallower for taller/bigger kids.

There were many steps at the water playground, with little water fountains that the kids had fun playing with. It turns out the fountains have a very important purpose of pumping clean water into the playground. 

You see, when clean water is pumped into the playground, the dirty water travels downwards to the sandy "wetlands" and into the ground after being filtered by the sand. The water goes into an underground tank where it is purified before being released back into the playground through the mini fountains. It's a very neat little system!

Not even a short burst of rain dampened the enthusiasm of the 2 girls, who were happily sitting in the shelter and patiently waiting for the rain to stop. When the rain finally stopped, they continued playing for about 30 minutes before we headed home.

It was a fun day for the girls!


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