Saturday 18 November 2023

Seoul II Day 1: Best Western Premier Incheon Airport

We booked our flights to Seoul via Singapore Airlines in Jan 2023 and the tickets cost $746 per adult/child (inclusive of free seat selection).

The hubby had booked a maxi cab at S$55 so that we can get to Terminal 3 comfortably.

The kids were super excited for their most anticipated trip of the year!

The hubby bought the Littlest Girl a Singapore Airlines cabin crew look-a-like kebaya! She looked so much like a mini SQ girl!

We had lunch at the food court before boarding our flight, which departed at 2.40pm as scheduled.

As expected, the Littlest Girl attracted a lot of attention from the cabin crew, who asked her if she would like to work with them! She was so shy but happy from all the attention!

We were served our lunch once we were in the air. We enjoyed the food and I definitely had no complaints (especially since I've had a lot worse on Japan Airlines and American Airlines)!

Our flight duration was supposed to be 6.5 hours but our Captain informed us that it would only be 5 hours 45 minutes, shorter than expected! πŸ₯³

However, even though it was a much shorter flight than my flights to the USA, I felt more tired on this flight. Why? Because I had to entertain my easily bored 4-year-old! πŸ™„πŸ˜“ Luckily this mummy is always prepared with activity books and craft kits to entertain the Littlest throughout the flight.

I kept checking the flight information on the screen and counted down to arrival! Finally the Captain announced for the cabin crew to prepare for landing! We arrived at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 close to 10pm, Seoul time (Seoul is 1 hour ahead of Singapore).

We cleared customs really quickly and proceeded to collect our luggage. 

By the time we collected our luggage, it was already 11pm. Since we knew we'd arrive late, we felt it was easier to stay a night at Best Western Premier Incheon Airport Hotel (located just 5 minutes away) rather than travel to Seoul (which can take an hour or more). The hotel provided complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport but we missed the last bus at 10.10pm.

We managed to hire a jumbo taxi that could fit all 6 of us for 20k won. It was worth it as taking 2 regular taxis would have cost us double.

The taxi dropped us at the back of the hotel and we completed our check in. I couldn't wait to take a warm bath after a tiring flight.

We had booked 2 Deluxe Twin Rooms at S$183.60 per room per night (inclusive of breakfast for 2 adults per room, more details in the next post).

There were a lot of concerns about bedbugs in South Korea at the time so the first thing I did was to check the mattresses and corners of the room (pardon the mess)! I had a bottle of bedbug spray in my luggage just in case.

I didn't find any bedbugs so we could relax and wind down for the night.

We got a pretty basic room but it was ok for the price we paid. The bathroom had a bathtub, which was great!

We also loved the 24-hour convenience store, CU, located at level 1. We got ourselves cup noodles and snacks for supper πŸ˜„

As I got into bed, I was glad that we made the decision not to travel to Seoul! Time to sleep! 😴

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