Thursday 23 November 2023

Seoul II Day 6: Noryangjin Fisheries Market & Myeongdong Shopping

We woke up to clear skies again this morning and I couldn't help but snap pictures of the view from our room window!

We could sleep in because I had intentionally planned a slower day, since we did a lot more travelling the day before. 

We had breakfast at Paris Baguette because my mum has been craving it since we arrived in Seoul!

Paris Baguette is so expensive in Singapore so we made sure to eat everything we felt like eating! *laughs*

After a good breakfast, we headed to Myeongdong's 12-storey Daiso to finally get our Daiso shopping fix!

It was 12 floor of products that were super value-for-money! Some products were also unique to Daiso Seoul. Each floor had its own theme but my favourite had to be the Disney-themed floor!

We bought so many things because of the great value, especially kids stuff (like the Ariel necklace my Littlest insisted to wear immediately 😅).

By the time we were done, the Hubby had also just completed his shopping at The North Face Store & Cafe Myeongdong, the largest store I've ever visited!

We brought our shopping back to our hotel before taking the train from Myeongdong to Noryangjin Station.

We arrived at Noryangjin Station to visit the famous Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market! The Hubby had never forgotten our memorable lunch we had here 10 years ago and was super excited to relive the great experience!

Noryangjin Fisheries has been upgraded and no longer looked like it did 10 years ago. There were clear signboards of each stall selling more or less the same kinds of seafood. 

The Hubby always chooses his food based on his instincts, which told him to stop at a random stall below the escalator. The seafood looked really fresh so he bought sea urchins (which were no longer sold in their shells 😢), prawns, bamboo clams and abalone. The seafood was really affordable! 😁

Our best purchase had to be the 1.3kg live king crab (it was my birthday gift for the Hubby)! It cost around 150k won, which was really value-for-money compared to Singapore! 

We also bought fresh salmon sashimi from the opposite stall selling fish. We were so tempted to get the sashimi platter but we weren't sure if we could finish it. 

The store owners led us to a restaurant on Level 2 to have our meal. You will need to pay extra for the restaurant to cook your food. 

We ate the side dishes, sea urchin and sashimi hungrily while waiting for the other food to be prepared. The urchin was obviously inferior to those we ate from the shell but I still enjoyed it! It's better than the urchin I've tried in Singapore and even Japan in my opinion!

The sashimi was really worth it! It even came with real wasabi, which we don't even get in some Japanese restaurants in Japan!

After having abalone from cans for so many years, it was amazing to eat fresh abalone from the shell! And let me tell you, 4 live abalone for just 10k won (excluding cooking cost) is such a steal! 😁

The fresh prawns were so good too but I didn't get to eat much because the Littlest finished more than half the plate! 

Of course the highlight of our meal was the king crab! It was sweet and totally amazing! The kids loved it so much that the adults almost didn't eat enough because they kept asking for more! We regretted not buying a bigger crab 😅

We paid about 220k won for the raw seafood and about 90k won for the cooking. It was considered cheap as a meal like this would have easily cost double in Singapore! We planned to bring my Mum-in-law, a big abalone fan, for our next trip to Seoul (maybe 2025)! She will love this place!😃

We returned to Myeongdong with full stomachs, all ready to continue the rest of the day/evening with shopping! The Eldest probably had the most fun out of all of us... look at all the stuff she bought! 😓😵🥴

Shop till you drop in Myeongdong! *laughs*

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