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Eldest Girl's 12th Birthday at SuperPark

The Eldest Girl announced that she wanted a 'simple' birthday at SuperPark with her best friends and cousins. So the blessed birthday girl got what she wanted! 😆

I booked a package of 8, since it's cheaper and can be shared among our group of exactly 8 (7 kids plus me). The kids/teens ran off as soon as they entered the park!

The park is more suitable for older kids, though younger preschoolers can hang out at the toddler park on the upper floor or the play structure at the lower floor.

Our brood of older kids headed straight to the pedal cars. The course was very short and nothing much but was cheap thrill for all of us 😃

The kids enjoyed it very much, though a few of them got stuck in the tunnel 😅

We proceeded to the next game, which was really fun: just shoot some basketballs into the holes to earn points!

Next, we headed to the lower level where the youngest in the group, my boy, explored the play structure (the older kids completely ignored it because they were simply too big for it!).

He said it was fun but he didn't stay long. I suppose my boy has really outgrown play structures meant for younger kids (cos he's taller than average).

The flying fox on the other hand, was loved by all! It was so fun!

The tube slide looked fun but it was really slooooow! That's why other than my boy, none of us did this activity more than once. 

The kids also tried their hand at archery, which looked easier than it is. The older kids needed a lot of practice to get it right and even then, they found it hard to hit the yellow target 😆

No park will be complete without trampolines! Yippee!

The older kids were also big fans basketball and played a simple game of 3 on 3. 

My boy decided to try the obstacle course, which looked easier than it is, instead!

We also tried the climbing walls, which were a piece of cake for my eldest nephew, the oldest kid in our group.

It was my boy's first time climbing and he made it almost halfway, which isn't bad for his first try. Hopefully the next time he will try going higher 🙂

My favourite activities in SuperPark have to be the SuperPinball and SuperHoop in the Game Arena! Soooo fun! 

SuperPinball is basically trying to kick a ball into holes to score points.

SuperHoop is that same concept, but with basketballs! Super fun to play as a group!

The boy rated it the best indoor playground that he had ever been to! For a kid who has been to many indoor playgrounds, this says a lot!

The birthday girl also said she had a lot of fun! 😃

That evening, we had a birthday party at home with all her cousins.

Simple, just what she wanted 😅

Happy 12th Birthday my darling! Can't believe that she has become a teen like overnight! Too fast, too fast!!!!! Please always be my baby girl no matter your age 😃😍


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Saturday, 18 June 2022

Desaru-Legoland Day 3-4: Legoland & Sea Life Malaysia

Day 3
The next day, we headed to the restaurant for breakfast. 

We didn't like the breakfast at all (as you might know my family are foodies!), so we just ate whatever we could before heading to the theme park.

Although this is the 1st visit to Legoland Malaysia for my Littlest Girl, this is the 6th visit for me! In fact, we were here 10 years ago on the first day that they opened in 2012

We were deliberating between the theme park and the water park. We eventually decided on the former.

As usual, we headed first to the two rides that typically have very long wait times as we wanted to beat the crowd since we were early. The kids managed to be among the first in the queue for the Driving School. We only queued for less than 15 minutes! 😀

The Littlest Girl was very excited to drive the Lego car but when she realised she had to control the steering herself, she kinda freaked out because she is very used to letting her brother or sister take the control. When her car rammed into the wall, she let out a loud cry and ran to me, not wanting to play anymore 😅 I guess she is still too young for this ride.

The older kids, on the other hand, are seasoned pros. The Eldest Girl is almost 12 years old so this might be her last time on this ride! She was younger than her sister when she first visited and now she has almost outgrown the park! How fast time flies!

We headed to Boating School next and the queue was still manageable. We split up 2 by 2 and had a lot of fun together!

Another ride that the Littlest Girl loves is the Lego City Airport ride. Though it's clear that the older kids have outgrown it!

We also introduced the Littlest Girl to Ninjago The Ride.

Only the Eldest and I liked it enough to go multiple times!

The weather was not terribly sunny as compared to other times that we were here, but it was still hot and humid! Our favourite way to escape the heat was to watch the 4D movies!

It was also a great place for preschoolers to take their nap!

Later we tried the Kids Power Tower and at first I thought the Littlest would be scared, but she wasn't at all! The gungho Littlest was game to try anything, well... as long as she did it with me! 😆

It's a must to ride the Observation Tower to see the whole Legoland. 

Littlest was too young to ride the Royal Joust so her brother had to ride it alone since he was the only one who met the height requirements (the Eldest was too tall!).

I have to say, my 2 older kids have totally outgrown Legoland! They found the rides boring, though it could also be that they've been to Legoland too many times!

We decided to try something new for lunch since we've never dined at King's Grill before.

The food was good, though the restaurant did not have any air-conditioning. It was a good thing that it wasn't that hot otherwise we wouldn't have survived dining there 😅

After lunch, we rode my favourite ride at Legoland: Aqua Zone Wave Racers!

Since we bought the tickets for the Legoland-Sea Life one day package, we were informed that we could visit Sea Life Malaysia anytime during the day and could re-enter Legoland again later if we wanted to. 

Although the space is not big, there are 11 themed zones in Sea Life Malaysia.

1) Malaysian Rainforest

This aquarium is really pretty and great for Instagram-worthy shots ☺️

2) Rockpools

The kids love gently patting the sea star ⭐

3) Seahorses

Very small aquarium but quite cool to see the seahorses up close! I think some were pregnant too...

4) Coral Reef

Very cool way to see the coral reef 🪸

5) Stingray Bay

There are no real stingrays here (unlike at the SEAquarium), just an interactive animation of the story of rays. The aquarium was probably too small to house actual rays.

6) Amazing Creations

This area was super fun for the kids, who coloured various sea animals and 'released' them into the virtual sea!

The Littlest had so much fun spotting her purple jellyfish!

7) Jellies

Then the Littlest got to see actual jellyfish next door! She was SO EXCITED!

8) Sunken Shipwreck

Lots of animals to see here and fun things to do, including a fun interactive board where the kids learnt about sharks.

Even the Littlest enjoyed taking pictures here 😊

9) Ocean Tunnel

All aquariums had to have a tunnel, though this one was quite short.

10) Ocean Cave

At the end of the tunnel was a small cave where we could see the sharks up close.

And that's all! It was super small but worth the top up to visit since it was still a new and different experience for us 😀

We headed back to Legoland and spent most of our time at Imagination Land. The boy had a blast at Build and Test while the youngest had fun at Duploland. 

The boy later joined his younger sister on the baby train ride, the same train her older sister used to ride but can't anymore! 

This train is always a hit with the preschoolers!

While the younger 2 had fun on the Duplo train, the Eldest Girl asked me to accompany her on The Great Lego Race coaster.

I contemplated but then chickened out last minute and rode the baby coaster Dragon's Apprentice instead 😆

And that was the end of day at Legoland and Sea Life Malaysia! I think this will really be our last time back here since my 2 older ones have outgrown this place! Perhaps we should explore other theme parks in KL instead 😀

As we were quite tired, we thought of eating at the mall nearby so that we could head back to our hotel room to rest. There were not many restaurants opened and those that were, were packed with people and long wait times. We had no choice but to eat fast food like Burger King and KFC, which was really not satisfying. 

The kids didn't mind of course. They got to eat their favourite fast food and play in the nearby playgrounds!

After dinner, the doting grandma also paid for car rides for them. For once, there was a car that teens and adults can ride! My 2 girls had a blast!

We headed back to the hotel and surprisingly, the younger kids still had energy to play at the hotel play areas!

They played for about 30-45 minutes before I dragged them back to our room to rest! It was a long but fun day 🤠


The next day we checked out of our room and headed to Paradigm Mall to have lunch and shop before heading back to Singapore.

We had lunch at Souper Tang and honestly, though the food was very good, the wait time was super long because they were very understaffed. Hopefully the situation will improve with the loosening of COVID restrictions.

We had a very good break and can't wait for our next adventure!


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