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Bali II Day 3: Pramana Zahill Kintamani

We went for breakfast at Tsavo Lion Restaurant earlier in the morning and got a good table right next to the lioness on her usual rock. She was more alert than the day before and we managed to get some nice photos with her.

It was my Mum's birthday the next day, so the hubby requested for the staff to organise a special celebration for her (since they had done it for other guests as well). The staff were more than happy to give my Mum a big Bali Safari celebration!

She was super happy! Thanks to the very enthusiastic staff for the celebration! 🎉

The lions were also very alert today and were looking at us gawking at them through the toilet window! 🦁

The lion looked like he was intentionally smiling into the camera in the photo above right?! Haha! Great shot by my Eldest Girl. My very own Instadaughter! 😜

After breakfast, we took some photos with the giraffe before heading back to our villa to pack up. 

After checking out, we had the chance to help feed the pig-nosed turtles while waiting for the taxi to take us to our next destination. 

And that concluded the safari leg of our journey! We had a lot of fun while we were here and highly recommend it! 

Our taxi brought us to Kintamani, a village on the mountainous region of Bali. Most people often associate Bali with sandy beaches, but Bali also has many volcanoes with beautiful mountain views! The taxi from Bali Safari to Kintamani cost us 500k rupiah.

I wanted to stay in Kintamani for a couple of nights but there weren't many good accommodations in the region. After some searching, I finally found Pramana Zahill Kintamani, which was a newish hotel built in 2021 and located within walking distance of popular restaurants in the area. 

We arrived at our hotel at 1.30pm but our villa was not ready. We checked in and enjoyed our welcome drink while the staff unloaded our luggage and bags.

Since the villa will not be ready until an hour later, we got our taxi driver to drive us to El Lago for lunch and paid him 100k rupiah for the return trip. 

El Lago came highly recommended by both Indonesian friends and foodies online. Not only was the food delicious, the restaurant also boasts amazing views of Mount Batur!

The mocktails were so Insta-worthy and tasted as good as they looked! The food was mostly Japanese and plated very beautifully and thoughtfully. The best thing is that there is food for everyone in my family, including the very picky, gourmet kids!

After our meal, we took many beautiful photos at the extended viewing platform that offered unblocked views of the mountain.

We headed back to our resort after lunch and explored our Zahill Villa. The only 3-bedroom villa on the property accommodates 6 adults and cost 2,592k rupiah (approximately S$250) per villa per night (inclusive of ala carte breakfast). It was very worth it as the villa consisted of 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen, living and dining areas and best of all, a private hot-spring pool!

Each bedroom comes with a queen bed, TV and a bathtub in each bathroom! 

The 1st bedroom (for the Mum and Eldest Girl) was located behind the kitchen and had a bathroom hidden behind the panel next to the TV.

The 2nd bedroom (for the Littlest Girl and I) was located next to the 1st bedroom.

The master bedroom was nearer to the swimming pool and was similar to the other 2 rooms, except that the master bathroom was the only one with a separate shower and bathtub.

The kitchen comes with a big sink, stove, cutlery, cooking pot and pan, fridge and even a water dispenser!

There's also a rack for our laundry! No need to find creative ways to hang them!

The rooms were also furnished with full wardrobes and other comforts such as bathrobes, drinking water and kettles.

Tour of our 3-bedroom Zahill Villa:

The best part of the villa in my opinion is the hot spring pool, which was just hot enough to soothe our tired bodies without being too hot! We swam in the pool every day and night, at least twice a day! ♨️

Of course we had to bring a fun float since we had our own private pool! What a treat!

In the evening, as the sun was setting, we explored the hotel while waiting for dinner to be served at the restaurant. The air was misty after a rain and we felt the cold breeze on our faces as we walked around the hotel.

The hotel had a main public hot spring pool for the rest of the guests and we also spotted a few 1-bedroom villas with smaller private pools next to the main hotel building.

We had read good reviews of the BBQ dinner and had booked it in advance during check in. Thankfully, the rain did not return and we could enjoy our BBQ in the cool weather.

The food was already marinated and prepared nicely for us to cook them ourselves, hence it wasn't difficult to cook!  

It was extra satisfying to eat hot bbq food in the cool weather! The food was so delicious!

There was also live music to liven the atmosphere and entertain us! We made a song request for the performers to sing "Happy Birthday" to my mum, which made her so happy! 🎹🎵

After a very yummy and satisfying dinner, we headed back to our villa for a swim. Swimming at night can be interesting as there were frogs and bats who were attracted by the warmth of our onsen pool! 😅

I ended the day with bath in the bathtub, using the bath bombs we bought from Don Don Donki.

Looking forward to another day in the mountain tomorrow!

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Friday, 9 December 2022

Bali II Day 2: Bali Safari & Marine Park

I woke up before sunrise to check on the Littlest, who developed a fever in the middle of the night. Thankfully, I remembered to bring medicine with us so her fever subsided after taking paracetamol. Since I couldn't go back to sleep, I managed to catch the sunrise outside my window.

When the rest of the family had woken up, we called a buggy to bring us to Tsavo Lion Restaurant to have our breakfast.

Besides lions, who were mostly asleep and not in the mood for any action, we managed to observe a family of meerkats busy with their day.

The breakfast spread was decent and spiced up with cute panda buns and bread!

Food quality was ok but the highlight was dining with the animals and not the food anyway. However, we couldn't see the lions as our table was not close enough. 

It turned out that the best place for lion-viewing was actually the toilet! 

Look how close the lions were! You can tell that a lion knows its an apex predator by the "openness" in the way it sleeps! Not a care in the world! 😀

After breakfast, we explored the rest of Bali Safari & Marine Park, as we didn't have time to do so the day before.

We started with the Petting Zoo, located nearest to our resort. We brought the raw carrots in our room to feed the animals, who were more than excited to see us!

The kids really enjoyed feeding the goats, rabbits, tortoises and guinea pigs!

We headed to the elephant enclosure next, for the Elephant Conservation & Education Show

We explored the mini elephant "museum" while waiting for the show to start.

The show was quite entertaining! The elephants even joined in the show by acting like it got hurt when it was "shot" at by the actors!

At the end of the show, the audience was invited on stage to take photos with the elephants who participated in the show.  

Next, we headed to Ranthambore to see the white tiger.

This is probably a new enclosure because we didn't see this the last time that we visited.

We walked through the park and spent the rest of our time at the Water Playzone! The last time we were here, the Eldest Girl was only 2 years old and the other 2 were not even born yet!

There were numerous water slides here and adults were allowed to ride the slides too! Both kids and the kid-at-heart (me) had fun on the slides!

The kids refused to leave even though we were there for more than 3 hours under the scorching sun! The younger kids had no choice but to leave when we were too tired and hungry to continue any longer!

We popped by Uma Restaurant for lunch. We ordered our usual mocktails and milk shakes to go with our main courses.

The food was surprisingly good and the whole meal cost us about 700k rupiah, which is relatively cheap considering that it included a seafood platter.

After lunch, we walked back to our room (because the buggy was occupied and we didn't want to wait) and went straight to the pool for a swim!

We managed to feed the zebras some of the carrots that we had left 😁

We ended the day with in-room dinner that consisted of "international" cuisine and cost 500k rupiah 😁

After a long day, it was such a blessing to be served dinner in the comfort of our suite and enjoy the rest of the night together.

Also super grateful that the Littlest Girl felt better and was super energetic throughout the day! Looking forward to another fun day tomorrow 🙂

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