Friday 8 April 2016

Legoland IV Day 1: Legoland Hotel Malaysia

We've been to Legoland three times (1st when it just opened, 2nd when it put up the biggest Lego Christmas tree, 3rd when the waterpark was first opened), however, we had never stayed at Legoland Hotel Malaysia. We thought it was time to make another trip back since the girl was too young to remember anything then. The hubby spotted a promotion on Agoda so we took the opportunity to book the Premium Themed Room for about $350 per night (inclusive of breakfast for 3 adults and 1 child).

We cleared customs very quickly (around 2pm) and had lunch at Restoran Uncle Pou Wok.

Restoran Uncle Pou Wok
Clockwise from left: Super tasty fish steamboat soup *slurp*;
Kampung chicken;
Yummy Hokkien noodles!

After lunch, it was straight to Legoland Malaysia! Yay!

Legoland Hotel Malaysia
(Looks just like it was built with Duplo! My creative girl was so fascinated that she tried to replicate it at home haha)
Welcome to Legoland Hotel!
A portrait of famous landmarks in Malaysia made using
Lego pieces. Gives me an idea to make something similar for my house.. =D
Love the Lego seats in the lobby! Fits the theme so well!
Clockwise from left: Girl with a standee of the new 4D Lego Movie, now showing at the 4D theatre;
Legoland Hotel Reception;
 Lovely decorations at the lobby.
Thousands of Minifigs on the wall of the reception!
A big pirate ship surrounded by tons and tons of Lego
A giant castle in the middle of the lobby with more Lego in its "moat"
Another play area with bigger foam Lego bricks that is more suitable for younger kids (although that didn't stop enthusiastic parents and older kids from building their own castles and other gigantic structures!)
The Super Lego fan was super excited!
There are Legofigs like this one scattered throughout the hotel! So cute!

My favourite part of the hotel had to be the funky disco lifts that makes you want to dance every time you're in it! Girl and I had a lot of fun grooving in there whenever we were alone in the lifts!

Different themes in different lifts but the same dance-inducing factor! =)

There were different themes for different floors so we chose the Kingdom rooms because my girl wanted to be a princess living in a castle and my boy is too young to give a damn (if I had two boys, I'll definitely choose the Pirate theme!).

Left: The hotel directory;
Right: Girl with a giant Minifig on our floor.

Girl and I couldn't wait to check out our rooms!

Our super cool room key card
Welcome to our room on the third floor, which has been decorated with the Kingdom theme

There are two beds in the room, a double-decker bed with pull-out bed (can accommodate 3) for the kids and a king size bed for the parents.

Double-decker bed for the girl and mum-in-law
(the kids loved it!)
Clockwise from left: My girl enjoying her spot on the top of the double-decker bed;
The kids have their own TV, housed in the "castle" walls!;
The kids having fun playing together
(you can see that the background has been decorated to fit the kingdom theme).
The main room, which has a cute sofa chair, desk and a TV
Love this mirror! Wish I can get one in my house *laughs*
King size bed fit for a king and queen in their castle! So pretty! *swoon*
The Lego touches that remind you that you're in Legoland Hotel. Love it!
We requested for a cot for the baby thinking that there may not be enough space but it turns out that we didn't need it after all!

If you add a cot, this room can definitely accommodate 3 adults, 2 kids and 1 toddler (and even a baby on the king size bed)! Perfect for big families =)

The theme was continued even to the bathroom.

Left: Stop! Here's your hand soap!;
Right: Super cute toiletries with the Lego Minifigs mascot of each floor on them!
Left: I love that they even have a lower sink with kids toiletries and cup for the kids! My girl didn't have to stand on a stool for once. She was beyond thrilled!;
Right: The adult sink with a crown that the hubby thought was great for hanging his shirts (very innovative I must say)

Right in the middle of the room was a treasure chest which you had to crack a code in order to open it. So exciting!

How to open this treasure chest?
Left: A big frog stands on top of the treasure chest;
Right: The cluesheet that the girl had to complete in order to figure out the combination code
One of the challenges that she had to complete
And success! She loves her treasure: a Legoland lanyard and two Lego Minifigs! =)
Lego Minifigs up close
Left: Baby Boy also had fun.. hiding in the treasure chest!;
Right: Kid-size bedroom slippers! Baby Boy loves wearing them so much that he wears them all the time!
A box of Lego Duplo for the kids to play
(don't bring it home though, you'll get charged for it)

Since it stopped raining, we headed to the pool for a swim! =)

Enjoying the happening lift as we ascended to the 5th floor
The full size pool with lots of foam Lego bricks just like the Legoland Waterpark. The pool was also adequately covered to protect you from rain or shine!
The kids, especially my boy, loved the foam bricks!
A face made of foam bricks taken using the Background Defocus function of my Sony Z3

We loved the pool! There were even lifeguards available so you really can have fun without worrying about anything. Baby boy had so much fun stacking the bricks that he didn't want to leave the pool!

Giant Minifigs stand guard at the entrance of the hotel

Overall, our family really loved Legoland Hotel! Having stayed at exorbitant Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (which to me is priceless haha), I have to say Legoland Hotel Malaysia gives you almost the same magical feeling at one third the cost! Definitely for hard core Lego fans like the kids and I! =D

I'll share more about our breakfast at the Bricks Restaurant tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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