Sunday 10 April 2016

Legoland Day 2-3: Legoland Malaysia

We woke up this morning for breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant. Breakfast for 3 adults and 2 kids is included in the room price (totally value for money in my opinion).

Bricks Family Restaurant
A long buffet line decorated with Lego Minifigs
The kids and I enjoying our waffles and pancakes

We liked the variety, which ranged from Western to Asian delights. However, while the food was ok, none really stood out to us as delicious. It was still good enough to last us all the way till tea though =)

After breakfast, we headed straight to Legoland! We paid about RM180 per adult (instead of the usual RM220) as I suspect we got the Malaysian rate (thank you Malaysia for always giving Singaporeans the Malaysian rate hehe).

Our first stop was the super popular Driving School at Lego City land. I wanted my girl to get a chance to ride it before the crowd started coming in (in the end it was a futile effort because there was really no crowd that day!).

Clockwise from left: The height limit for the attraction;
The girl was taken to a room decorated with cars and signs
(baby boy would have loved it!);
The kids were supposed to watch a short animation depicting the safety rules while waiting.

My girl was very apprehensive driving her own car as this was her first time on her own without mummy or daddy (they do not allow parents to enter).

Driving very carefully

She soon got used to it and enjoyed herself. In fact, she enjoyed herself so much that she went on it again!

Much more relaxed in her Lego car

Baby Boy couldn't ride as he's too young and did not meet the height requirements. Hence, while waiting for his sister, the boy rode the boat with daddy at the Boating School.

Boating School
Baby Boy does not like boats for some reason.
Cried the entire time, the poor thing. *sigh*

After experiencing land and sea, it was time for the skies at the Airport!

Everyone loved it, even the boy!
If you speak Disneyland, this ride is akin to Dumbo =)

Next up was the Lost Kingdom Adventure at Land of Adventure. We never got to ride this previously as there was always a super long queue. This time however, we were the first in the 'queue'! Yay!

Lost Kingdom Adventure
Empty cars all ready for us!
(once again in Disneyland talk, this ride is similar to Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters)
Baby Boy was really freaked out and refused to smile for the pictures

The ride was quite dark so it didn't alleviate Baby Boy's fears unfortunately. He clung to me so tightly! My girl had fun though; at least she finally had a chance to ride a 'shooting ride' since she didn't get a chance to ride Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters at Tokyo Disneyland last year.

Somehow the hubby managed to trickconvince the scaredy cat girl that the Beetle Bounce is not scary and she should join him for the ride. She did and boy, was she in for a surprise!

Poor girl was so freaked out by the rise! She got this from me unfortunately.

After that we proceeded to Imagination land to ride the Observation Tower. Again, we never got to ride this as the queues were always too long. And again, we were the first in the queue!

Riding the Observation Tower, whose aircon gave us some respite from the heat
The view of Land of Adventure
The bird's eye view of Lego Kingdom, Miniland, Legoland Hotel and even Legoland Water Park!

The hubby, girl and I rode the Kid Power Tower next, which was a ride that required you to pull yourself up and then let go so that you would glide back down. Initially the girl was really apprehensive because she thought it was like the ride that her daddy tricked her. Once she realized that it was really not scary at all, she enjoyed herself immensely.

Great bonding time between me and my girl

It was getting really hot so as usual, it was time for a 4D mini movie at Lego Studios. The newest Lego Movie 4D show was also showing!

4D shows at Lego Studios
Wearing our 3D glasses in preparation for the show

The 4D shows weren't too bad, though I still think they pale in comparison to Shrek 4D.

My boy's absolute favourite ride had to be the Duplo Express at Duplo Playtown! He went on the ride at least 12 times!

Clockwise from top left: Duplo Playtown;
Baby Boy riding the Duplo Express for the first time with daddy and Jie Jie (sister);
Me and Baby Boy on his umpteenth round around the track;
Sharing a seat with his sister. Best photo that I took of them.

While the boy continued his rides on the train, the sister went with me to ride the Royal Joust at Lego Kingdom. She was too young to ride this previously.

Girl getting on the horse at Royal Joust
Enjoying her rocking horse

Now that she's old enough, she's riding it like a pro. Albeit a little too much. Because there wasn't a queue, my girl went on this ride at least 8 times! While this mummy patiently waited for her because adults are not allowed to ride it (sadly).

The kids also spent some time in Build and Test, where they learnt how to build an earthquake resistant building and a car that could win the race.

Clockwise from left: Baby Boy building with Duplo;
Girl trying to build the biggest tower!;
The race track for racing our cars.
Clockwise from left: My girl holding the start of her creation;
I was frantically looking for the wheels in the bin when I finally realised that you had to sign out the wheels from the counter and return them when you're done!;
The beginnings of my car.

We were starting to get hungry so it was off to Market Restaurant for a nice meal. Lucky for us, Wyldstyle from Lego Movie was there to meet and greet the fans! =)

Eating and meeting Wyldstyle at Market Restaurant

The hubby, girl and I rode the Aquazone Wave Racers at Lego Technic next. If you know how to control it, this ride can be quite exhilarating! You might get very wet though!


We visited the Star Wars attraction next and it was new to us as we've never visited it before. While the girl and I are not Star Wars fans, we still managed to have fun looking at the miniature Star Wars characters and scenes.

Star Wars characters made of Lego!
Move along, move along
Ready, steady, battle!
The displays were also interactive! Some of the Lego pieces actually move, which was really cool!

It started to rain really heavily after we had emerged from the Star Wars attraction. The hubby and mum-in-law decided to head back to the hotel while the theme park fanatics, girl and I, continued on in the park (c'mon, it's still so early!!).

Other than the scary roller coasters, the girl and I sat on every ride in Legoland Malaysia! =)

Technic Twister
Lego Kingdom
Merlin's Challenge and Legoland Express
Fountain outside of Legoland Express station
First in the queue for Boating School while waiting for them to finish maintenance
Girl playing Duplo while waiting
When the boats are ready, the girl drove our boat!
My girl is really all grown up now!
This mummy was so free that she could take lots of selfies!
Enjoying the structures at Miniland
(have to say that Miniland had 'aged' a lot since the last time we were here. It's not as shiny anymore and missing a lot of moving parts such as the underground train and Duck tours boat)

It was really awesome to have a girl who will enthusiastically go on all the rides with you! The girl and I walked the entire park twice! It's no wonder that she was exhausted by the time we were on our way back!

First time we got to take photos with the entrance without anyone in the background!
Crazy theme park fanatics have conquered Legoland!

Despite the rain, we had an awesome time! There were barely any queues at all the rides such that we could ride them again and again, some without even getting off! Was definitely the best weekend for us to visit! =)

Of course, the whole family later went back in to Legoland (you just have to inform them that you're a hotel guest because only guests are allowed to re-enter the park) for one last hour of fun before the park closed at 7pm. You know, to make full use of our park tickets!

We ended the day with yet another swim in the awesome hotel pool (my family really enjoys swimming!).

Clockwise from left: Selfie of Baby Boy and I;
Smiley block face with pirate Minifig;
Baby Boy splashing in the water!

The next morning while the daddy was checking out, the girl and I built a small house at the lobby using Lego foam bricks.

We had to guard our bricks from neighbouring house builders in order to make this. Girl was so pleased =)
Baby Boy was not interested and would much rather play his Duplo

We were genuinely sad to leave Legoland! We had made so many lovely memories here.

Group photo with a giant Minifig at the hotel lobby =)

I promised the girl that we'll definitely be back again when Baby Boy is 4 so that he can enjoy the rides together with her. She was thrilled and said to Legoland, "Bye, I'll see you when my Di Di (little brother) is older!"

Till we meet again =)

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