Tuesday 14 December 2010

Diaper Bag Essentials

After last Friday's incident, I have learnt the importance of getting your diaper bag stocked with essentials. I'm glad I ignored everyone who told me, "Why is your diaper bag so heavy? Get rid of some things lah. You don't need everything."

Yah, but no, I absolutely do need everything. And I'm not even kidding.

I'm glad I stuck to my gut (which is always accurate by the way) and brought all my barang with me. You never know when you'll need it!

In case you're wondering, the stuff that I always bring around include:

1) Diaper Changing Equipment
There is no such thing as too many diapers when you're out and about with a young baby! I also carry along my diaper changing mat, diaper rash cream & extra plastic bags (for putting soiled diapers in).

Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream

The best diaper cream in the world in my opinion is the Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream. Red spots always disappear within 12 hours of application of the cream. It works on other parts of the body other than the baby's butt too =)

2) Wet Wipes 
An absolute necessity (and not just for the child)!

3) Extra Bib
'Cos she always quickly fill hers up with all her drool..

All from Fox Kids
4) Extra Clothes & Underwear
For the inevitable vomit and leak.

5) Cardigan
In case she's cold but as you can see from all the fats surrounding her, she hardly ever need it.

6) Hat
For shielding her against the glaring sun!   

7) Pacifier
I know many parents don't believe in giving your kid the pacifier for fear of bad teeth but actually that's a myth. Bad teeth is a result of not bringing your child to the dentist when your child is as young as 1 year old. Pacifier is necessary! It keeps them quiet. So it's the pacifier or your sanity. Not a difficult choice for me! *laughs* The way I see it, as long as she is not dependent on it, that's fine with me.

8) Teething Toy
Another must-have! She will get really cranky without it...

She's biting her favourite Pigeon Stage 1 Teething Toy

9) Ziploc Bag
This is for storing anything that is dirty or wet.

10) Toy
Lastly, I always pack a toy for her to play with so that we can have some peace while we're eating or doing some other thing.

Her current favourite toy is this Lamaze Tiger we recently bought for her

And there you have it. There's more of course, but speaking about toys, we were at Giant Vivocity recently and managed to redeem a free giraffe soft toy. Initially baby J's reaction was: 

Hmmm.. what's this???

Then she looked at me and asked:   

Mummy, how??

"It's a giraffe darling," I said, "do you like it?" 
She looked at it again and went:

Oh yes!
It's as cute as me!

I know right?! *beams*
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