Saturday 11 December 2010

Vomitus Galores

Brought baby J to Hot Tomato at 313@Somerset for lunch yesterday with my mum, sister, brother, brother's girlfriend, aunty and 2 cousins.

As we are now starting to introduce some pureed food to her, my mum fed her some hard boiled egg mixed with water.

Some of the earlier introduced food that she likes include pumpkin, papaya, carrots, certain vegetables, ikan bilis and bananas. Those she dislikes include avacado and tomato (both of which I don't like either). Genetic maybe? *shrugs*

So far, we discovered that eggs do not sit very well with her stomach. She kept 'complaining' to me about it but I thought she wanted to sleep so I rocked her to sleep. After some struggling, she did sleep for a while, only to wake up in a puddle of her own vomit.

Yup. In the middle of Orchard Road on the way from 313 Somerset to Paragon. Working quickly, my mum, sis and I started cleaning up as fast as we could while Baby J calmly looked on despite having just vomitted. We also quickly whisked her off to paragon's nursing room/toilet so that we could clean her up.

After cleaning her up, she kept pestering me to feed her. Since I was at the nursing room, I thought, "well hey I might as well do it here." Of course I didn't realise that her stomach hasn't really recovered and that she would vomit again. And on me this time. Sigh. Back to the nursing room/toilet to clean up.

Later we had desserts at Bakerzin while Baby J slept. When she awoke, once again she pestered me to feed her. It was back to the nursing room again.

This time however, she emerged happy and satisfied.

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