Wednesday 22 December 2010

First Ever Playdate

I brought baby J for her first playdate with the other baby J at my friend Belle's house yesterday. 

Flower Princess & Queen Mummy!

When both of us first found out that we were pregnant at around the same time, I had in mind that one day our kids would meet and they would be best friends too. Coincidentally, both girls have similar names (it's only differentiated by one alphabet). Belle and I have similar taste =)

Playing together in Host Baby J's playroom

Initially both baby Js looked apprehensive. The host frowned and whined a little. The guest followed suit and whined back. It was like that back and forth for a good 15 minutes while their mums laughed at them. It was like two old ladys grumbling and whining about their sad life.

Host Baby J & Guest Baby J

Then they started to warm up to each other and played side by side. Babies at this age are not very developed socially so they do not know yet how to interact with each other. For both baby Js especially, they have been used to being the only baby in the house that they are not used to being with another baby just like them.

Playing in the living room

But Belle and I were pleased that both of them had a chance to interact. She was happy that her baby J could meet someone her age and learn to share her toys. I was happy that my baby J can meet someone older than her (by 3 months) so she can learn from her. Both of them copied each other a lot. When one wanted to eat, the other did so too. When one threw the blue ball, so did the other. It was really fun and interesting to watch!

"Wow so many toys!"

After a while though, Guest Baby J was more excited about Host Baby J's toys than anything else. I think the abundance in new toys to play with was the reason she didn't kick up a big fuss when we were there.

On Host Baby J's swing

She especially loved this swing! I'm so tempted to go buy one for her but then I remembered that she'll probably outgrow it very quickly so there's no point. I was happy that she was happy and thought she didn't ever want to leave.

Except she did. Punctually at 6pm, she started crying her ok-I-have-had-enough-let's-go-HOME! cries. When she's in that mode, absolutely nothing will calm her down except for me to actually go home! The minute I strapped her into her carrier she stopped fussing. Seriously.

Although it was a long journey back, I think both baby J and I really enjoyed the time we spent there. Too bad Belle lives some distance away from me (sigh) otherwise I'll bet we would meet up more often.

Till the next time we meet again =)
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