Thursday 30 December 2010

One More Day to a New Year

The hubby's brother brought his two kids over to see their grandparents today. Baby J woke up from her nap to see her two 'gor gors' (older brothers) playing with toy cars.

Assorted 'boy' toys belonging to cousins C and D and baby J

My girl is crazy about cars. I don't know why, but one of her favourite hobbies is to sit by the full-length windows of my room or at the roadside and look at different cars drive by. So all the lights and sounds of the toy cars kept her attention while I fed her pumpkin porridge. She was also really excited when cousins C and D started playing sword fighting. I bet if she was able to walk and wield a sword she would join in too.

Let's see, baby J likes cars, likes sword fighting, likes soccer... is this a result of 7 months of daddy calling her a boy, thinking and praying that she would be one, when she was in my stomach? (Her dad only finally acknowledged that she was a girl when he saw her ovaries in the ultrasound) -_-"

Anyway the oldest of the grandchildren, cousin C, was a great big brother to baby J, always watching over his 'mei mei' (little sister) whenever we would leave the room for a while.

Baby J & Cousin C

Isnt't he sweet?

As for mummy, after a hectic month of December full of theme parties, weddings, volunteering, playdates, and christmas celebrations, I was happy to have this week to work on packing my room and it's now up to my neat freak standards (which include books arranged numerically or alphabetically and items arranged by type and height). I know right... I'm sooo the 'Monica' of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (my all time favourite show by the way).

Courteney Cox's character Monica (3rd from the left) is the super neat & uptight one in the group

Sister bought the entire 10 Seasons worth of DVD sets and the siblings and I love to watch it over and over again. I think I've watched certain seasons like so many times that I can memorize the lines. Anyway, I also finally started to work on my thesis. It's a necessary evil that has to be done as I have a meeting with my professor next week.

We also have to pack as we're off to Batam, Indonesia, tomorrow with the hubby's friends. I'm am still undecided about whether or not to bring baby J along with us. On one hand, it'll be such a hassle dragging all her stuff there and she might not enjoy the bumpy ferry ride. On the other hand, I would totally miss her (although this is not the first time I've been overseas without her) and it'll be fun to hang out, swim and countdown to the new year together as a family.

As you can see, I just can't decide. Everyone around me is telling me to do the former, but my heart is to go with the latter. The former is practical, the latter is emotional. So I don't know. Guess you'll find out about my final decision in my next post =)
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