Tuesday 28 December 2010

Pupsik Studio Nursing Covers

For the past 5 & half months, I have been searching for nursing rooms to use whenever I'm in a public place, allowing me to come up with a review of the nursing rooms that I have used before. I knew about nursing covers but didn't want to use them as I wasn't very good at the whole nursing thing yet.

However, in recent weeks I started to think about getting a nursing cover. Reason being...

(1) Bad luck in looking for a nursing room
In the past, by some twist of fate or God-ordained miracle, the nursing room was always available whenever baby needed to feed. It's like God knew my baby will scream the whole building down if she did not feed like right now! But recently, as baby's patience grew, so did the length of time we took looking for an available nursing room. There was once we combed every single floor of the whole entire building and all of them were in use (true story!). Plus people, especially men, keep stumbling into the nursing room while I'm still nursing so it ain't that private anyway.

If I had nursing covers, I could just nurse her in some corner of a public place.

(2) Baby and I are getting better at the whole breastfeeding routine
Both she and I know what to do when the time comes. No need to struggle like crazy just to feed her.

(3) Saw some mother use it recently and saw how easy it was
It convinced me that I need it. You know how it is, someone has it, I gotta have it. Ok not really.

Anyway, I was just mentioning to the sister that I think I need to buy nursing covers and lo and behold, she and JM got me just that for Christmas!
Pupsik Studio Nursing Covers
The one that they got me was from Pupsik Studio. I like it because it is funky and lightweight.

Recently I used it while feeding baby in the car, something I tend to do when I can't find a place to nurse her. Usually I'll just pull down the window screen and cover with a pillow but I always feel so exposed. With the covers, I can do it more privately without worrying that my you-know-what will be seen. Baby doesn't really care if it's there or not. She is all focused on the feeding. But she did take her hand and push the covers away when she's done, leaving me to go, "Hey! Mummy's not covered up yet!"

Since when did she become so smart?
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