Saturday 25 December 2010

T'was the Night of Christmas Eve

It was Christmas eve and we brought Baby J for church service where we watched the Christmas drama put up by our own drama team. Initially Baby J had a really hard time sleeping because of all the sound effects. Plus my laughter during the comedic scenes did not help. After much struggling she finally gave in to the 'Z monster' and slept like a log throughout the rest of the drama, which allowed me to enjoy the rest of the performance. I must say the script was very innovative. I was glad that I could watch it in peace...

Wearing her 'Baby's 1st Christmas' suit her dad bought for her

When baby J awoke later, I let her play in this colourful play area found in the nursery.

"Ahhhh I'm going to fall!! Not..."

After church, we decided to send baby home to sleep before joining the rest at Wangz Hotel's Halo Rooftop Lounge located along Outram Road, just a couple of blocks away from our home.

It was the first time that we were there and I must say I really like the ambience and panoramic view of Duxton & Shenton Way.

Got a table with a great view

The drinks were nice and reasonably priced but the food was ridiculously expensive.

At the hotel lobby

Was a really enjoyable countdown to Christmas!
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