Sunday, 23 January 2011

1st Wedding of 2011

We attended the wedding of our friend KC last Saturday.

Display picture at the entrance

It was held at Suntec Singapore, level 3. I was very happy for him because from the time since I have known him, he had been searching and praying for the one and I'm happy that he has found her.

Family Shot

Of course baby J liked staring at the bride. I think all babies love to look at brides. Especially girl babies. It's like in our DNA or something.

Baby J also liked the giraffe soft toy that my friend DH got for her.

Got tired and slept with giraffe number 3

Even slept with it. Isn't she cute?

Congrats KC on your big big day! I think I have never seen you smile so much. Looking forward to more good news (especially in the baby department, if ya know what I mean) *smiles*
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