Thursday 27 January 2011

Laughter Prescription

According to her pediatrician, baby J is friendly but wary of strangers. That is, if she doesn't know you well (or at all), she'll show it by clenching her fists tightly and looking scared. Sometimes, she might even display her classic "who the heck are you and why are you touching me, stop touching me!" glare, complete with wary side eyes. She gets that from her dad ok =)

But every once in a while when she's in a super good mood, she might give you a smile. A smile that instantly casts a spell on the beholder, causing them to fall head over heels in love with her. To make you fall deeper into her trap, she might even giggle at your supposedly 'funny' faces.

Nevertheless, on those days when you just can't get even a little happy from her, all you really need is actually the following:

1) Mummy's Milk

Taken right after a feed

From as young as 2 weeks old, baby J will always smile after a feed. No matter what =)

2) Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Looking into a full length mirror

There's something about mirrors that gets their attention. Babies are always fascinated with other babies. I guess because they didn't realise someone else exactly like them exists. Whether or not baby J realises the image is actually her, she always smiles when looking into a mirror.

3) Giraffe Toy
I have a group of friends that each have a favourite animal that defines them. PH likes sheep, DH likes cows and DO likes tortoise. When asked what my favourite animal is, I answered, "giraffe". So they like to get me giraffe stuff, like the giraffe toy DH recently got us.

She never fails to grin at this one from Giant

Turns out my baby like giraffes too =)

4) Toys that have music & moves
Like this Go Baby Go!™ Bat & Wobble Penguin given to her by her 阿姨 (Chinese for maternal aunt).

Woo hoo hoooo!

How can you not laugh at this comical penguin whose music is, "woo hoo, hahaha". No matter how she hits it, it never falls and never stops smiling. Perfect.

5) Playing with her favourite people

A video displays a thousand words.

If you too have trouble smiling on those days when supposed friends take credit for your work and stab you in the back, take a page from baby J's book. Eat your favourite food, stare into a mirror, play with a favourite toy and spend time with the people you love.

Excellent laughter prescription from Dr B. J.
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