Monday 3 January 2011

Batam Day 2: Shopping & Seasports

The next day, i.e. New Year's Day, we decided to go shopping at Nagoya Hill Mall in the morning. Nagoya Hill Mall was boring! Absolutely yawnsville and waste of time. Ok almost waste of time since I did manage to buy a really cute dress for baby J at only S$9. And we did get to eat A&W, which you don't get to eat in Singapore anymore. Although they did conveniently run out of curly fries too which was really infuriating since I had badly wanted to eat them *fumes*

Later that day, we decided to add adventure into our trip by doing some seasports. They had different packages but we decided to take the kayaking/jetski/bananaboat package at S$30/pax (for a group of minimum 3 persons).

All ready with our life jackets on!

Children as young as little C, who's 3 and a half years old, could take part too. I made a mental note to bring baby J when she's about little C's age back again in future.

First up was jetskiing, which I thoroughly enjoyed! The wind in my hair and the magnificient view was lovely, albeit the constant prayers I made to God that it would not capsize.

We took turns to jetski and ride the banana boat

I doubt baby J will take well to jetskiing though as Little C sure didn't. She totally refused to sit on it and I can understand why.

The banana boat ride would probably be more suitable for young children. The boatman will ensure that it will not be too dangerous for them. Obviously the adventure-seeking hubby and our friend K wanted more excitement so we sat on a separate bananaboat. The hubby thought it was yawnsville as it was just too slow compared to the jetski. I thought it was ok although slightly irritated as seawater kept splashing into my eyes.

Finally, it was kayaking.


I refused to kayak with the crazy adventurers aka the hubby and K (who proudly announced his vast experience in kayaking) so I chose instead to kayak with K's wife Jes. Both of us prefered to go slow and steady while the guys prefered to chiong (slang for 'going all out') to a location further out to sea. Although the hubby also disliked this activity, calling it 'yawns', it is definitely very child-friendly. Bel told me that little C enjoyed this one the most and had a great time. This is something you can definitely consider doing with your little ones.

Since we were already slightly wet, we decided to head back to the resort for a swim.

Enjoying our swim in the pool

I liked the relatively large pool. It even had goal posts for playing water polo and hoops for playing water basketball. Obviously a great activity for kids and adults of all ages.

In the evening all of us went for our 1 hour Indonesian massage (which was included in our package) at the H Spa. I loved it! Reminded me of the Jamu massage I had after delivery, which was excellent by the way and highly recommended. She kneaded every muscle and pressed every cellulite out of my body. I left feeling revitalised and very happy.

Later that night, we played Settlers of Catan and Monopoly Deal till wee-hours of the morning =)

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