Monday 3 January 2011

Batam Day 3: Spa & Back to Reality

On the final day we decided to chill and relax at the resort. A kind soul had given us some Harris vouchers for free so we decided to put it to good use by bowling at their in-house bowling alley.

Bowling at the bowling alley

My first shot was a strike! And many spares later, team hubby and I emerged as champions of the first round. The second round I got four spares in a row (can you say 'Spare Queen' *grin*), but we didn't win as the hubby performed less than expected. But it was good fun anyway.

We then proceeded on to spending 10 minutes in the Sauna..

The female sauna room

..before getting into the warm waters of the Jacuzzi.

Enjoying myself in the jacuzzi for females

Both the sauna and jacuzzi were differentiated by gender so Jes and I spent some girl-time gossiping and lamenting about our other half while the guys did the same. We got on so well we emerged from it discussing about going to Hokkaido together. Both couples have been planning for a long time and this year might just be the year to do it! Am very excited just thinking about it!

Nevertheless, no matter how much fun I have, I'm still happy to go home to my beloved baby girl. According to her granny, she couldn't sleep longer than an hour when we were away. She must have really missed us like we missed her. Both of us slept like a pig together on my bed for four hours straight...


I'm glad to be home! =)

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