Monday 10 January 2011

Crazy New Layout, Crazy Hectic Month

One fine day I suddenly decided that I have had enough of my ugly blog header. So I set about constructing a blog header from scratch based on this idealistic idea I had in my mind. I wanted to draw one from scratch but then realised it would take too much time. So I copied a design that I had previously drawn and edited it by adding a tummy so the babe would look more like a mummy.

I know it's hard to believe but yes, I drew this =)

Added words and color and voila! A blog header!

And then I was like, "Oh man, I think the header doesn't really go well with the rest of my template. Why don't I get a brand new template?" So I did. And forgot to save the previous template (-_-"). I realised to my horror I have to reinstall all the other widgets that I had previously installed all over again. And now the 'comments' link doesn't look right. I swear I nearly tore my hair out.

Anyway, this time I saved all the templates. Wasn't going to make the same mistake again. Seriously, I should have just kept it the way it was *sigh*.

The work on this new layout had taken away precious time that I should be using to re-write my thesis introduction, which is due on 24th Jan. OMG I have to get to work! *panicking*

(I know many of you don't really know what is it I do and I promise I will talk about it in another post, once I have met my deadline, so watch out for it!)

In other news, congratulations to Mr & Mrs G on the birth of their baby boy N! (^-^)

We were supposed to visit them at KKH but our friend E was still weak from the C-section and we didn't want to overwhelm her. Decided that we'll visit them at their home after her discharge. Was so looking forward to see Baby N though. I guess the next time I see him will be after my Taiwan trip hopefully before Chinese New Year.

Yes, I am going to Taiwan. Yes another trip overseas. And yes without my baby. And yes, I know it clashes with so many things that I have to do but we booked it way in advance before I knew I had to meet those deadlines. But I am looking forward to seeing my dad, who works in China full-time so we hardly see him. This trip is therefore bitter-sweet.

Sorry, I hardly ramble so much but have been feeling the stress recently. Ok enough talk, back to my writing and editing. Oh God please help me!
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