Sunday 9 January 2011

Little Feet, Little Shoes

Last Saturday morning, I dressed my baby up in a nice blouse (for a 18-24 month old baby, no less), long pink pants and a pink hat.

I also put on some new shoes.

Thought I would get her used to it, although technically babies under 1 year old do not need to wear shoes. We then proceeded for church at Jurong West.

This was the first time both baby J and I were using the nursery room located at Basement 3 of the church building.

I must say that it is a lot smaller than the nursery rooms at Expo, where other church services were also held. There were times I could hardly hear my thoughts with all the children crying and adults talking. Just felt the place was too crowded.

The facilities however were just as good, with hot water, nursing rooms, changing tables and feeding chair available. It would have been an incredible room had there been more space but there just wasn't. According to my mum, who used to volunteer as a nursery helper, there weren't as many children in the past. I guess our church is either growing really big or we are getting more fruitful in the womb department, if you know what I mean. I'm guessing the latter. We are really incredibly blessed =)

Definitely can't wait till our church moves to the bigger and more central location. It's not too far away, we'll be moving in March. Can't wait!

Anyway after church we headed off to baby's great grandfather's house to celebrate his birthday.

He absolutely adores her. Normally no one would be allowed in his room (unless it was Chinese New Year and there were not enough rooms to house all 101 relatives) but every time baby J arrives, he will say (in Hokkien), "Is she hot? Get her into my room, I'll switch on the aircon for her." He'll even personally fan her manually.

Talk about princess treatment.
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