Sunday 16 January 2011

Taipei Day 3: Ximending & Shilin

After breakfast in the morning, we headed off to the famous Xi Men Ding 西门町, which has also been commonly described as the 'Orchard Road' of Taipei (Orchard Road is Singapore's most popular shopping district). To get there, we took a train from Taipei Main Station to Ximen Station 西门站 (bound for Yongning).

Welcome to Ximending!

It was bustling with the hippest and coolest Taiwanese on a Sunday afternoon. The temperature was 12 degrees celcius and we were freezing! You would think that it's winter and we would be buying thicker clothing but no, we were on the hunt for summer clothes! And I know what you are thinking, "that is impossible during winter!" and well, it did seem that way till we stumbled upon this huge shop selling all sorts of clothes after just one hour into our exploration. The clothes sold there were cheaper, more suitable for our tropical climate and had better material than those at Wufenpu. We had finally found shopping heaven =)

After many happy finds and lots of shopping done, we had our lunch at a stall selling beef noodles and rice.

Shopping.. check.
Food.. check.

I know that the famous Toilet Restaurant 便所 is located here but somehow I couldn't find it. Hopefully you will have better luck.

We then made a quick stop at our hotel to drop off all our things (and for me to pump) before heading out to the famous Shilin Night Market 士林夜市. To get there, take the MRT bound for Danshui on the Danshui (red) line to Jiantan Station 剑潭站 (take note it's not Shilin Station!).

This way to Shilin Night Market, where the hubby tried to blow mist out of his mouth

It was not my first time there but it is the first time that I'm there in the winter. According to many travel bloggers, one of the things that you must try at this night market is the 大肠包小肠, which roughly translated means "big sausage wrap small sausage".

Signboards that advertise the sale of these sausages

It wasn't too bad although not fantastic. I preferred the mee sua..

Sis eating the delicious mee sua

Did more shopping but we had to leave as we just couldn't stand the cold any longer (the temperature dipped to 8 degree celcius). Freezing cold! I was glad to be back in our warm beds..

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