Monday 7 March 2011

I Wish You Wouldn't Talk With Your Mouth Full

Baby J with Daddy & Mummy

My girl just turned 8 months and I've noticed an increase in her mumblings and babblings. Sometimes I thought I heard her say 'hi' or 'nai nai' (which is milk or grandmother in Chinese). Sometimes she would shout 'dad dad!' with a loud voice and I'll go, "did you just say daddy?" (It's no fair that mummy is harder to say! -_-) But no matter how I try to get her to repeat the words, she always look at me like I'm out-of-my-mind crazy.

There can be 2 possibilies: 1) She's still just making sounds and not yet making the associations with the meaning of the words, (2) she's really out to drive me crazy.

I highly suspect the latter, as sometimes she'll give me that cheeky smile of hers.

With all the talking, whining, shouting and screaming, all of it also inevitably happens when I'm breastfeeding her. There she is feeding nicely when suddenly, she stops sucking and starts rambling 'yeee ahhhh ooooohhh'. Half way through, she'll also bite down hard on my you-know-what which hurts (thank God she hasn't sprouted a tooth yet) and I will shout out, "Stop it!" and look at her sternly. She will get shocked by my sudden reaction and stop, but might forget later on and do it again (-_-"). Took a while of conditioning her, which includes me saying, "Stop it!" and sometimes biting her fingers or hand (just so she knows how it feels) whenever she bites me, for her to finally get that her biting is causing me pain.

Through it all, I'm constantly reminded of this Baby Blues cartoon, which I love.


My sentiments exactly.
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