Tuesday 8 March 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Beef Bolognese Pasta

If you look hard enough at the right hand column of my blog, you'll notice that I have joined the For The Love Of Blogs club, who aim to bring bloggers together in one place.

I've decided to join in this week's Tasty Tuesday linky party, which is my first time ever.

Unlike my friends JK Creations and Soon-to-be-Mrs P, who are really good cooks, I don't have the same interest.

Soon-to-be-Mrs P's signature dishes especially the Cai Dao Kuey (Chinese fried carrot cake) on the right,
which she made out of chuei kuey.

But when I got married and I started watching Take Home Chef and other cooking shows, I decided to pick up some cooking in my bid to be one step closer to Stepford Wives status. Gotta win the man's stomach as well as his heart. *laughs*

I don't know why but I prefer cooking Western style dishes like pasta and steak than Chinese style dishes. And since my hubby like beef bolognese pasta, that soon became my signature dish (and one of the only dishes I'm good at).

My beef bolognese pasta (looks a little ugly here though)

Super easy to do.

Cook the pasta, add chopped onions, add Leggo's bolognese sauce, add the marinated minced beef, add sliced tomatoes and mushrooms, add cooked pasta, stir and serve. You can see why it's my signature dish. Haha. Easy.

And this was what I cooked last Saturday! =)

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