Thursday 10 March 2011

We Got NEXed!

I got baby to put on her new hat (since she already outgrew her old one *gasp*) before we set out
Baby J and I went to meet my mum at NEX at Serangoon to shop around as she has never been there before. It's a really nice shopping centre but the best part about it was this kids playground area at the roof (level 5).
I was so close to jumping under the water and playing in the 'rain'. Haha. But they had this sign that said you're not allowed to have shoes on when playing and there was a security guard watching the place to make sure people didn't abuse the place. So I didn't do it. I did, however, carry my baby and tiptoe around so that she could feel the water. Then at one point the water from the big pail (see above) poured down and made such a huge splash that she got the shock of her life and started crying. Guess she's still too young for this, heh. Made a mental note to bring her back when she's older.

Later we passed NEX's nursing room and I gave it my ratings. We didn't get to use it though because baby wasn't hungry.

Finally, we made a stop at Kitschen, my new found shopping stop.
This shop has been around for a while, but I just recently stumbled on it. I love it for its whole concept and quality clothes at affordable prices. Many of the dresses that caught my eye (and for the record I have a damn good eye seeing as I'm someone who watches Style everyday, buys and reads Gap Press fashion magazines and has a fashionista sister *laughs*) cost only S$39.90-49.90. I like the fit, the style and the quality of the clothes so I half expected to pay a lot more for it. Bought me a nice dress that I managed to zip up even though it was super fitted and I still have my big 'nursing boobs'. Happy!

If you live in the area, you should go check this store out. Apparently they have a store at Vivocity, which I frequent all the time, so I was surprised I didn't see it. Will definitely go check out the Vivo outlet too.

NEX is definitely worth a checking out =)


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