Sunday 13 March 2011

Cravin' A Sugar High

Ever since baby got the hang of eating solid foods, her appetite just got better and better. You can say I'm very lucky to have a kid who eats anything you put in her mouth (some food more than others), which also meant that she's always wanting to try adult food as well. Whatever mummy or daddy is eating, baby wants some of it too. She'll start licking her lips and keep staring at me with those mouth-watering eyes. It's exactly like those lions we see on Animal Planet who can't even have a proper meal without vultures hovering around watching them eat.

This happened to me one day when I was eating Kit Kat (one of my absolutely favourite chocolates).

"Can I have a taste of your Kit Kat? Pretty pleeaasssee??"

She was staring at me eating my Kit Kat with such a pathetic 'OMG, I'm so hungry, mummy gimme a taste of that please?!' look that her grandma started to pity her and persuaded me to let her lick it.

Initially I said no of course. My food rule, which I keep repeating to the family, is NO PROCESSED SUGAR, SALT & OIL till baby is 2 years old (I don't know how long this rule will hold but I will still try to impose it)! Everything must be au naturel or organic as much as possible. So unless the food exists naturally in that form, it must not be fed to her. Case in point, sweets are a no no but honey is ok.

My mum said licking the Kit Kat is technically not actually eating it. So I finally relented (she is after all my mother) and here's proof that all she did was lick it.

Don't know why kids get such a rush eating sweet stuff but according to Evolutionary Psychologists, liking sugar was a necessary survival skill for kids in the ancient 'hunter and gatherer' days. Of course now sugar just makes kids fat and causes all sorts of health problems.

Hopefully everyone will cooperate and abide by my food rules. Or else I might have to go all Empress Dowager on them. You know... Do it OR ELSE... Haha. I'm kidding (no I'm not) *smiles*

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