Tuesday 15 March 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Cold Japanese Soba

We were at Vivocity recently.

Baby got a balloon for being so cute :)

We decided to shop around at Daiso, which sold everything at S$2.

Baby J in Daiso's shopping cart

I didn't like the shopping cart at all. The seat was too small and baby's head kept hitting the metal bar just directly behind whenever she leaned back. I eventually returned the cart and carried her instead.

Anyway, as the hubby loves to eat cold Soba (which is a type of thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour), he decided that he wanted to make some at home instead of eating it at Japanese restaurants, which were more expensive. Diaso had all the necessary incredients we needed at only S$2 each, which was a real value for money.

The necessary ingredients:
- A packet of soba
- Soba sauce
- Seaweed
- Wasabi

From left: Soba sauce, Soba, soba sauce in a bowl & seaweed strips

We bought everything from Daiso, except for the soba sauce as it was sold out at Daiso. So we had to buy an alternative at Giant Hypermart instead, which cost us S$5.50, more than twice the price. No wonder it was sold out at Daiso (-_-").

Anyway, we also bought a Japanese-style bowl (that was more like a cup) and plate that was specially used for Soba.

To prepare this dish, heat water to a boil and cook the soba for no more than 5 minutes or the noodles will be too soggy. Next, pour away the hot water and add ice cold water. Then put the bowl of soba into the fridge for at least 15 minutes. Next, prepare the soba sauce by adding water to the concentrated sauce from the bottle in the ratio of 2:3 (i.e. 2 parts sauce to 3 parts water). Finally, place the soba on the bamboo plate, top it off with ice cubes and seaweed strips and tada!

Dinner is served!

You may also want to prepare some chopped spring onions and wasabi which can be added to the soba sauce. The way you want to eat this is by picking up some noodles with your chopsticks and dipping them into the sauce before eating it. Soba is usually eaten with other Japanese food like Tonkatsu, Sashimi or Sushi.

This is super easy to do and costs at least three times less than those served in restaurants and they taste the same according to the hubby. For those of you who enjoy Japanese food like me, you should totally try this :)

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