Sunday 20 March 2011

A New Day @ Suntec Singapore

It was A New Day for our church as we moved from our previous worship location at the Singapore Expo to our new premise at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre (SICEC) in the heart of our city.

Hello and welcome to church!

We headed to the 6th floor where the English services were held.

Baby J & I joining in the excitement

As babies were not allowed in the main hall, all the mothers gathered at the nursery. It was kind of disappointing that there weren't any television broadcast of the services live in the room due to URA regulations. Some of us tried to catch the services via 3G on our iphones, but the reception wasn't good so after a while we gave up.

Honestly, I personally felt very left out of all the celebrations and fun that was going on in the main hall. All the mothers there were amazing as each one of us tried to make the most of our situation even though some of our babies were giving us a headache. Thank God Baby J was very well-behaved and slept through for the most part. Thank God for my friend QP too, who kept me company in the nursery.

QP & Baby I

Although we couldn't be in the hall, at least we had each other and spent the time fellowshipping and talking about our kids. We decided that for next week I'll bring my laptop and she'll bring her mobile internet so we can catch the services in the nursery. Hopefully this will be a good arrangement until our kids are old enough to be placed in the care of the dedicated nursery helpers while we attend the services in the main hall.

I'm still keeping positive in the midst of it all and looking forward to greater things to come! =)

UPDATE: They managed to get live TV broadcast in the nursery now so it's a lot better for us!
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