Monday 21 March 2011

A Visit to the Hospital

My dad-in-law fainted last Friday at home. He was sent to the hospital on an ambulance by my worried mum-in-law and brother-in-law. Apparently he claimed that he took a nap, but they were afraid it was a stroke or a heart attack. The doctors took a scan of his brain to be sure and thankfully it was not a stroke. He's actually feeling fine already but the doctors wanna keep him there so that they could be 100% sure.

We knew he would really miss his granddaughter so we brought baby J to visit him even though she was having a slight flu. The hubby said he conducts testing on the air in the hospital all the time (hubby's a microbiologist) and the filter there is pretty good at clearing the air of bacteria so it's fine as long as we don't stay too long.
Baby J & 爷爷 (paternal granddad)
He was obviously uber happy to see her although he kept telling us to bring her home as she was having the flu. He said he would chase the doctors to let him go home earlier so that he could be with her at home. Hopefully he'll be discharged by tomorrow.

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UPDATE: Dad-in-law was discharged yesterday (22nd Mar). Thanks to all for your love and concern! =)
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