Thursday 21 April 2011

April Birthdays Extravanganza

Somehow April seems to be a hot month to give birth.

My good friend Belle gave birth to her baby girl last year on the same day her own mom gave birth to her (cool eh?) in April. Then it was the sister's bf aka DJ Styluxtakut's birthday, whose birthday we celebrated twice: once at our home with cake followed by games and again at The King Louis at Vivocity.

Meat platter vs. Seafood platter

As there were 8 of us, we thought we'll order two of their King's Platter, one meat only (i.e. beef and chicken) and the other seafood. It was huge! The chicken was delicious but everyone complained about the taste of the beef (I ate all the beef that everyone didn't want as I was really hungry haha). Personally I prefered the seafood platter in general.

However, be prepared to pay as each platter costs about S$100! Also, don't order their 1-for-1 beer, which according to the hubby, was super diluted even though they gave an uber-generous large glass.

The birthday boy

Then the cake came out coupled with three of the restaurant staff singing 'Happy Birthday'. He was so surprised and was initially confused as to whose birthday it was. It was hilarious really. Although it was a tired day for all of us (especially since I was having a headache), we had a really good time fellowshipping with each other =)

Next, it was Soon-to-be-Mrs P's birthday celebration cum bridal party get together at La Villa, which is going to be the location of their wedding in October.

La Villa Italian Grill & Bar at River Valley Road

We were there to discuss the details of their wedding and taste the goodness of the Italian food that Mr & future Mrs P love. Thank you for sponsoring the dinner, we loved it! I think I busted my diet because of it. Sigh.

The bridesmaids (and one flower girl)..
..and the groomsmen

The highlight of the location was this tree, which they intend to say their vows under. Isn't it beautiful? I love their location, it is just so them. I'm so excited for their wedding as it is the first time I'm a bridesmaid! Can you believe I've never been a bridesmaid before till now? Anyway, it is going to be a great wedding I just know it *grin*

And finally, April will end with the birthday of none other than yours truly! Which I will continue in another post since technically it is not my birthday yet =)

To all my friends who are born in April, especially my fellow mummy Belle, my good friend Wei and our cabin crew friend SY with whom I didn't get to celebrate their birthdays with,

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