Friday 22 April 2011

Our Easter Production, The Centurion

This is the first Good Friday and Easter for Girlee! We brought her to church as usual to watch the first ever drama performance at Suntec Singapore presented by our church's drama team.

The title for this year's Easter drama is The Centurion.
The story revolved around the life of a centurion living in the time of Jesus and how he was betrayed by the one closest to him (style something like Troy or 300).

I must say I'm very impressed by this year's production! The fight scenes were realistic and the story line was great. According to City News, our church got professional people to train the actors in the fight scenes and their acting skills. Their efforts to improve the quality of their performance certainly paid off.

I'm glad I was able to catch the whole performance live in the hall as they had allocated a Parent's Corner (or section) for parents with infants and children. It was a godsend for me! I could enjoy the action with the hubby who took turns with me carrying Girlee throughout the whole service.

Girlee was quite entertained by parts of the show. As we were sitting near a screen, she started pointing to it and then tapping her dad and then pointing to it again as if to say, "Look, Daddy, look! Got screen! Big screen!" It was quite a sight really. Later she got tired and wanted to sleep but couldn't due to all the sounds. She finally did when pastor was preaching so that I could pay attention to it, so it worked out really well in the end =)

For those of you who have yet to see it, you really should pop by Suntec Singapore, Hall 601-603 this weekend. You may email me for more enquiries =)

From me to all of my lovely readers:
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