Saturday 23 April 2011

Want to Be My Friend?

Today was a busy day for Girlee. Instead of going to church as was our usual routine (we already went yesterday), we visited the hubby's army friend aka reservist buddy at their house in Sembawang.

His wife is pregnant with baby number 2 and they are of course hoping for a girl as they already have a boy. His son, Little Boy J is about 18 months old now and Girlee was curious yet wary of him as he is bigger than her.
"Hold hands and be friends!" said both daddys
Soon she opened up and wanted to play his toys, which he initially did not share but later did with the prompting and praises he got from his mother. However, Girlee drew the line at sitting in his electronic motor car which had flashing lights, steering wheel and safety belt. I'm not sure why she refused to sit in this one although she rode on Little D's cars during CNY. Not in the mood maybe? I don't know..

Anyway, we enjoyed the fellowship and talked about the usual: kids, general elections and rising housing costs, among other things. It was a nice dinner plus Ben & Jerry's ice-cream for dessert. I busted my diet yet again =(

Later on we met up with the hubby's friends for coffee and finally met Baby N for the first time! Baby N is the son of the hubby's best friend of 18 years (they have been classmates since Secondary 1 and were classmates all the way till university!). He and his wife are both teachers and we can relate to them on so many levels because of our kids.
Girlee & Baby N
I've always wanted to meet Baby N as they seldom bring him out so he has always been like a mystery to us. But after meeting him, I understood why his parents always met us alone. Just minutes after stepping into the coffee place, he started crying very loudly. Something about the lights or something sort of scared him maybe. He is after all only 3 months old. They brought him outside where it was darker and he seemed to prefer it a lot more. I got Girlee to 'play' with him and he actually responded well to her. I guess it's a baby's natural instinct to like other babies like themselves. Girlee too was fascinated by him. Probably because she's an only child and hardly gets the chance to play with other infants and toddlers.

The good thing about Baby N is that he can fall asleep anywhere quite easily and minutes after his fussing he was fast asleep. Girlee, on the other hand, can't sleep unless it was cold enough, which it wasn't as the weather nowadays is approaching summer and is crazily hot. So she didn't sleep till she got home.

Anyway, I was happy for her to meet other children around her age. In just one day, Girlee made two friends: Big friend J and Small friend N. May her little friendships continue to blossom! =)
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