Sunday 24 April 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll Laugh If I Want To!

It's my birthday today! *grinz*

And my 1st birthday celebration started after our Good Friday service at church. We were having dinner and games night at our house again and again my sister did the same thing she did for her bf: hide the cake in the fridge, hope that I would not see it, then light the candles after dinner and sing the birthday song.

And I was surprised! OMG I should have seen it coming but I didn't. I even opened the fridge (as is my habit whenever I'm at home), told myself I shouldn't eat the cookies inside and took the Coke Light out to drink, all the while not seeing the cake which was in plain sight! Seriously, what's wrong with my eyes?!
Blowing out the candles..
And guess who got jealous that mummy got all the attention and lighted candles and not her?
Girlee wants to be in the heart of the action as well
She was fighting for me to carry her and let her hold on to my present.
Present from the Sister & Mr DJ
They got me an O.P.I nail polish set & Urban Decay eyeshadow set
My sis knows I love to do my own pedicures and manicures and have always been too cheapskate to get the best nail polish. I have also been eyeing on the Urban Decay sets since last year, so I was really excited that they bought both for me. Thanks guys!

My mum also knows I absolutely love chocolate! Especially dark chocolate.
Guylian Extra Dark Chocolate
Ended the night playing Catan =)

Today we brought Girlee to Expo for the IT and Baby fair.
Girlee in her 'ballerina' outfit
Dressed her up in a really cute Adidas ballerina one piece outfit. When I first got her to wear this when she was 6 months old, she couldn't even fit into the sleeves! But she can now, so I guess she has indeed lost weight (or didn't gain since she still weighs 10.5kg) after all. The hubby brought us to eat crabs at Ghim Moh followed by Mao Shan Wang durian, my favourite fruit in the whole world. Haha.

I sooo need to get my fat ass back on the treadmill. Stat -_-

Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes, especially to my dad who smsed me twice and called me from Shanghai China, to make sure I didn't miss his loving wishes. I had an enjoyable (but fattening) birthday =)
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