Wednesday 27 April 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have no idea what this means but I just got awarded The Versatile Blogger Award from Velle at The Yummy Mummy Train.

If I'm not wrong, this is an award that is passed from one blogger to another in order to recognise and appreciate one another for our passion for blogging. So although there is no authority behind it whatsoever, at least you know that people, even strangers, are reading your blog and liking it =)

So as part of accepting this award, I'm required to tell you 7 things about myself:

1) I absolutely adore the colour pink!

2) I'm super-duper Pro-Breastfeeding.
I believe in 'God-made' rather than man-made. Doesn't mean I judge mothers who don't breastfeed for whatever personal reasons as we all know mothers only want the best for their kids. It's just like we still eat non-organic food even though we know organic is better. Sometimes ideal is just not possible in reality. But the bottomline is, if you can, you really really should! =)

3) I love puzzles and detective stuff (so what if I like Tin Tin?)

4) I love collecting stuff!
I have a collection of boardgames, snowglobes, Baby Blues comic books, keychains and pins from all over the world, notebooks, stickers of all the countries I had visited, etc. (Oh goodness, I sound like a hoarder!)

5) I'm a super-duper organised neat freak.
My books are lined alphabetically according to height, type. My comics are arranged numerically. My clothes are arranged by type and colour (of the rainbow that is). Everything has a place. You move/touch my stuff and I will know it! I absolutely can't stand a picture frame that is hung crooked. Sometimes I pack my things so well that I can't even find them. Haha. Drives the hubby crazy but that is just me.

6) I have no other musical talent except for singing (and I can hold a tune pretty well). But musical instruments? God did not gift me in that department. And to be sure I did try every other musical instrument you can name, piano, organ, violin, guitar, drums, trombone and even the harmonica, but it all did not end well. The hubby is the same. I'm now crossing my fingers that my baby won't be!

7) Finally, I love traveling!
We do it at least twice a year as you can see on my travel page :))

Ok now I'm supposed to pass along the award to other bloggers, but I think most of the bloggers I love already have very accomplished blogs so I'm not even sure they would give a damn whether or not I give this award to them. So what I'm going to do instead is just to list them here and let their blog owners decide if they wanna accept the award or not =)

1) Mother, Inc
2) Edunloaded
3) Beadsyy's Diary
4) Mum in the Making
5) Sanses
6) A Dance for Five
7) A Dollop of Me

(Note: If you choose to accept the award, just copy the above image, link me in an original post, write down 7 things about yourself and pass the award along to other deserving blogs)

Go check them out if you can =)
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