Sunday 3 April 2011

The Day We Dedicated Baby to God

It is Family Day Services at church this weekend where children were allowed to join their parents for service together for the first time. It was also the weekend for Baby Dedication and we decided to dedicate Baby J to God.

We got Baby J to wear this pair of cute shoes we bought from Batam for approximately S$7.

Shoes from Batam's Matahari

The soles and material of the shoes were soft and fitted snuggly around baby's feet so that it didn't fall out when baby J kicked. Very nice and cheap.

Next, I got her to wear her OshKosh B'Gosh pink overall dress that my friend G bought from the US.

OshKosh B'Gosh Dress

Pretty ain't it? She looks so grown up! My baby's not a baby anymore *cries*

With the hubby & my pretty baby girl

Our friends SL & QP were also dedicating their baby boy together with us.

Baby I & Baby J while waiting to go onstage

So nice to have another family in the same cell group as us =)

Then it came time to go onstage for the Baby Dedication.

Babies getting dedicated together
Baby J getting prayed for by Pastor

Pastor prayed that she will be intelligent. She even tried to snatch his microphone, which made him ask her if she would like to preach. I think if she babbled then and there, it would have been really funny but she was so serious. Haha.

Although later things didn't go as smoothly, I thank God that His protection was upon us. Baby J is indeed God's blessing to us :))

Thanks to all for your prayers, love and gifts ^-^
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