Wednesday 6 April 2011

The Hawk-Lion-Shark Girl

She watches you like a hawk. You (in this case daddy) pick up some chips to eat, she abandons her mummy and her usual breast milk and flips her entire body around to reach out for it (which made her mummy shout to her daddy to stop distracting her!). You pick up a cup to drink, she stares. The kind of stare a lion does when it spots a prey and haven't eaten in days (but she has just drunk her milk/eaten her porridge!).

Like a shark, she can smell food even if she's in deep sleep and wakes up to see her mummy eating noodles. Then pats her mummy repeatedly in a bid to get her to give her some. And you just can't get away from the stare. Sometimes a pitiful lick of the lips accompany it and you're gone. You give in and feed her whatever is in your hand (true story).

Anyway my ever adventurous baby is into drinking or eating anything adult-style. If you won't drink it, you can bet she won't either. But if she sees you drinking or eating it, then she'll want to get in on the action as well.

Even if she isn't really up to it yet. Ah well.
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