Friday 15 April 2011

DJ Styluxtakut

You may know my sister's bf from my previous post on how we volunteered at a children's home and painted a wall, but did you know that he is also a club DJ? He goes by the name Styluxtakut (I have no idea how to pronounce it or what it means!) in the DJ world and has taken part and won many competitions. Oh, and he's also one of Girlee's biggest fans! *laughs*

See, what did I tell ya.

So I thought I would do him a favour and broadcast his work for him plus also let my readers have an idea of what DJ-ing is all about (which I myself had no idea up until I saw some of his videos and him spinning live at Blu Jaz).

Here's a video he submitted for the DMC Online DJ Championships:

He's the only Singaporean contestant so far so it should be quite easy to track him.

Please vote for him at the DMC website! Especially if:
1) you're a Singaporean (gotta support our own people man!)
2) you love me or Girlee (thank you, thank you!)
3) you like the video simple as that!

Whatever the reason, please do vote for him! My thanks in advance! =)

UPDATE: For those of you who voted, a big thank you! DJ Styluxtakut was the highest voted DJ in Round 4. Although he did not win top prize, he was still rated at the top 4-6 positions by the judges who are professional, award winning DJs. On behalf of Styluxtakut, thank you for your support! =)
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