Wednesday 13 April 2011

Girlee's Little Corner

So I have these extra large window panels that start from the floor all the way up to the ceiling in my room and it has become Girlee's favourite hobby to look out of this window at cars driving or people walking pass our house.

And since I've also got some alphabet-puzzle mats, which were initially laid out in the living room but were removed as the living room was already too cluttered, it dawned on me to make the corner next to the window her very own play area.
Her own little corner in our room
It was quite challenging trying to lay the puzzle mats as the window panels weren't entirely straight. Then I felt it was a bit bare so I added some more toys in case she might be bored and some cushions, pillows and more soft toys just in case she accidentally fell backwards and hit her head.
"The monkey's bigger than me!"
I love this monkey soft toy we bought from Shenzhen in 2007 for our then future baby girl. It was very cheap at only S$20! You can never buy a soft toy at this price in Singapore. So we bought two, this monkey for our baby girl and a similar-sized Yoshi from Super Mario for our baby boy (yes, that was how long ago we planned for our children, right down to their names!).

After storing it for so long (4 years!) I'm so glad that I can finally present it to her to play with it. Initially Girlee was afraid of it (as it was so much bigger than her!) but now she likes it as it is so warm and cuddly. So happy that I've got a place to put her stuff and she has her own comfortable spot to be her usual 'kaypoh' (hokkien for busybody) self...
Such a great view too..
Of course the bad thing about this corner is that when it is sunny, it is virtually impossible to even be in the room let alone sit near the window.

I'm still in the midst of improving her corner by adding more puzzle squares, pillows and toys.

Anyone got any other ideas on how I can further improve it? =)

P.S. Have decided to call my baby girl by her nickname 'Girlee' because it's just a tiny bit more unique than 'Baby J'. Haha.
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