Saturday 4 June 2011

My High School Class Reunion

I was just back from a gathering with my secondary school friends, many who I have not met up with since we all left secondary school 11 years ago (ok you can sort of guess my age). Thanks to our dear friend Ju, who organised the class reunion, we came together for lunch at Friends @ Jelita.

The Organizer of the Reunion with baby girl

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive as we haven't met in such a long time but it turned out really enjoyable! We caught up with each other about our work and personal lives. It was great to see that all of us had never really changed that much. Some of us retained the same outgoing personality while others were still as soft-spoken as we remembered.

Successful reunion with more to come =)

Of the 9 of us that came, 4 are soon to be married, 1 in a stable relationship, 3 happily single and waiting patiently for Mr Right and 1 married (yeah that's me haha). I was of course excited that more of my friends are finally walking the same path and hopefully in a few years time, baby girl will have friends to play with when we get together!

FYI, we went for the 1-for-1 Lunch Set (S$35+) which included a starter, a main, dessert and coffee/tea. I didn't have time to take all the pictures so you'll just have to use your imagination =)

Salmon Salad - Yum!

I really had a great time and I think baby girl really enjoyed herself with all the attention showered on her by all the kid-lovin' 'aunties'. We will definitely be organizing more reunions in future so hopefully more of our classmates can join us.

Looking forward for more to come! =)
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