Wednesday 6 July 2011

Birthday Trip to the Singapore Zoo

I've been bugging the hubby to take us to the zoo ever since the birth of baby girl last year, even though I know she's too young for it. The hubby then promptly informed me that he could get a zoo pass from his company so that we can enter for free, which we utilised on independence day to celebrate baby girl's birthday (we had the party the day before)!

I was excited! The last time I visited the zoo was when I was 15 years old, it was called the Singapore Zoological Gardens (probably still is) and didn't have boat rides. They have now simplified it to Singapore Zoo and looks like nothing I had remembered since the last time I came.

Our 1st trip to the Singapore Zoo as a family

Apparently, you may enter the zoo for free if it's your birthday! But since babies younger than 3 years old are already entitled to free entry, it's actually besides the point. You do get a free scoop of ice-cream plus 10% off retail and F&B but we totally forgot about it, hehe.

Ticketing Booth of the Singapore Zoo

Our first stop? The White Tigers!

Baby 'tiger' meeting the white tigers

We were excited to meet the tigers as baby girl is born in the Year of the Tiger. It so happened that the tigers were excitedly pacing up and down on the rocks and in the waters below so we got a great view of the magnificent creatures. They were absolutely beautiful =)

Signboard pointing the way to the dock

Next, we decided to take a boat ride to Kidsworld instead of walking.

Walking to the boat

Frankly, it was the most boring experience ever. There was nothing to see at all and we were quite disappointed. Girlee, on the other hand, had a great time.

Having fun on the boat ride

She was bouncing around, trying to climb overboard to jump into the water (which gave me a heart-attack), making friends with the caucasian kid in the front and touching the skin of the water monitor lizard. She was having a blast!

Her fun was going to shoot over the roof soon as we arrived at the dock that was located next to Kidsworld.

Kidsworld looked nothing like when I was a kid. When I was a kid, there were kiddy swings, spider webs, petting area to pet the rabbits, hamsters, etc and lots and lots of sheep.

But now, instead of sheep there are only goats.

Mini ponies and goats

There were no more petting areas, no kiddy swings and definitely no more spider-webs. In its place, is this massive water play area, which was heaven in the middle of the hot day.

Waterplay area at the Kidsworld

Since I was the only one who was smart enough to bring swim wear, I was in charge of getting wet with Girlee, which was a role I took on with gladness (since it was so hot)!

Playing with water

I have to say, she really enjoyed herself! This is a really nice place to bring your kids, even babies as young as my girl who can't even walk yet (I think she's the only one there that can't). My baby could crawl around at the shallow end and play with the water which was really fun to watch!

There's even a nursing room next to the toilets at Kidsworld (see my review of their nursing room at my review page) which made it very convenient for breastfeeding and diaper changing. Very thoughtful indeed.

The whole experience really tired my baby girl out and she was in dreamland in less than 5 minutes after her bath. But, she did wake up just in time to see our (mine and hers) favourite animal of all time:

"Look Girlee, see the giraffy!"

The 3 beautiful giraffes of the Singapore Zoo! Oooh.. if there's no other animal to see, just seeing them made the whole trip worthwhile for me *grin*

You could tell she loved them with all her pointing and leaning forward while trying to pet them (they were really close to us). Ah, she's just like mummy =)

Top: With the large tortoise
Bottom: Posing with the memorial statue of Ah Meng

Ah Meng was an orangutan who was also the tourism icon of the Singapore Zoo. She used to be a regular at the photo booth and almost every visitor to the zoo has a photo taken with her including me. So since baby girl can't take pictures with her anymore (she had since passed on), we decided to take one with her memorial statue.

After all that walking, we decided to finally leave the zoo. I vowed that I would be back again with Girlee, seeing how much fun she had. Was a very enjoyable trip =)


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