Monday 4 July 2011

Baby Girl's 1st Birthday Party!

It's baby girl's birthday (on independence day no less) today! We celebrated it one day earlier by throwing her an awesome party at our house.

As usual, the hubby was put in charge of the food while I was in charge of the decorations and party packs. As I was also working on the scrapbook that Mr & Soon-to-be-Mrs P got me for Christmas, I decided to create a gallery that showcased pictures of my baby girl. I had started working on it weeks before and had finally finished it just one day before the actual party.

Our Scrapbook
(click to enlarge)

I placed the finished scrapbook together with a baby record book that my friend Belle got me for Girlee's 1st month and a photo album that the hubby had bought years ago but hadn't used.

Viewing Gallery >> Check.
(From left to right: Scrapbook, Baby Record Book & Baby's Photo Album)
Decorations >> Check.
Party Packs >> Check.
Kids Play Area >> Check.
Birthday Girl's Pretty Outfit >> Check.
Food & Drinks >> Check.

Let the party begin! =)

The first to arrive was the other baby J (her playmate on her first playdate).

Baby J and Baby J

Followed by her other kid friends.

Top: Baby N & Baby J with their daddies
Bottom: Baby I & Baby J with their mummies and daddies

Ok, so she has only three kid friends so far (that are her age). If you count those who are 2-3 years older but couldn't make it for her party then it's approximately plus minus 7. Yup.. sorry baby girl, your mother married and had you way earlier than most of her friends so.. ah well.

Anyway, I was just glad that all of her three friends could make it. I mean, what's a party without your friends right? Exactly.

Other than the few children present, our house was filled up quickly with our friends and relatives which really surprised us as we expected much fewer people. Thanks to all who came for your generosity and love for us and Girlee!

And definitely thanks for all the presents =)

When most of our guests had finally arrived, we brought out the Swenson's ice-cream cake that we had ordered and collected that morning.

Girlee's 1st ever birthday cake

Pretty isn't it?

Then came the usual birthday-song singing and cake-cutting stuff. I tried to train her to blow before the actual candle-blowing thing but let's just say it was more of drooling (thankfully not on the cake!) than blowing so I had to blow the candles for her. Girlee was really excited! She couldn't stop clapping her hands every few minutes after that. I had thought she would cry under the immense pressure of 40-something pairs of eyes staring at her but she soaked in the popularity like a seasoned movie star! I was understandably very proud of her =)

But then came the tedious task of cutting an incredibly hard ice-cream cake the size of a small laptop for 40-something people! I was so glad to have finally finished distributing the cake to everyone *wipes sweat*

Lesson learnt: Unless one's guests do not mind eating directly from the cake like barbarians or one's knife can cut through glass, one should never buy an ice-cream cake if one is catering for more than 30 people.

Nevertheless, the cake was delicious! Yum.

I took such a long time cutting the cake that Girlee fell asleep as she was just too exhausted to stay awake any longer. Everyone just hung around and talked till she woke up some time later to 'entertain' her guests and take photos with everyone.

And then, it was time for everyone to go.

"Bye Bye! Thanks for coming!" *waves*

Once again, thanks for making our party a resounding success! I couldn't have asked for a better 1st birthday party for my baby girl! =)

Happy 1st Birthday, My little Cutie Pie!
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