Monday 25 July 2011

I'm BLUE Double Dee Double Die

She has an affinity with soccer since the days when she was only a small foetus in her mummy's womb. It so happened that her conception was around the same period as the Barclay's Premier League and World Cup 2010. It was also the same time that something miraculous happened: her mummy suddenly got interested in watching soccer with daddy!

Seriously. For a person who had long been a sworn enemy of the game, I was suddenly into the world of free-kicks, off-sides (yes, amazing, I know what an off-side is!) sneeky tackles and biased referees. I was with our friends at the pubs, cheering on Lampard and booing at (insert name of player from enemy FC). Especially at a certain slightly bald head dude that some people even think is sexy (OMG are you blind?) *laughs*

It was a weird feeling, which I fully attributed to being pregnant with a baby that had 50% of her father's genes. She would kick me whenever she hears the game on television and force me to watch it.

So it's no wonder that after she was born, she still showed interest in the game, which amazingly her mummy is no longer interested in. Totally not kidding. Wasn't intentional too I can assure you.
Watching World Cup 2010 finals
She even sat quietly on her daddy's lap for almost 15 minutes watching him play Winning Eleven on the computer.
Watching 'soccer' at 2 months old
Quite a feat for a two month old if you ask me.

At first her daddy was devastated when he found out that she wasn't a 'he'. "I can't buy a kids jersey for her!" he lamented. But then when he found out how much affinity she had with his all time favourite game (he's seriously hardcore, as are 99% of all male Singaporeans), he started to become excited. Plus, both his favourite teams won the BPL and World Cup that same year. "Baby's your lucky charm!" I said.

Since then, he had always wanted to get this for his kid.
True Blue Chelsea Fans
And he was super ecstatic that we did (that I even allowed him to splurge on something that wasn't even the least bit fashionable, but hey, I'm all about making dreams come true *laughs*). Although she does look too much like the son we haven't yet have, she does look super cute.

I'll change up the awful shorts for a jeans skirt and the ugly socks for some ballet flats though. Seriously, even in a jersey, a girl's gotta have some style you know. She totally rocks the blue! =)

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