Friday 29 July 2011

Rediscovering the North

And by North, I really mean North Point Shopping Centre at Yishun. Granted it's no Woodlands and Singapore is really small (takes only an hour to travel from one end to the other), but as someone who lives in the central area and has no business in the north, it was as far as I wanted to go. I was alone with a baby you see. Can't really venture too far away from home =)

The last time I really set foot in North Point was when I was in Secondary School. My friends and I made a pact to hang out as much as possible (at various shopping malls all over our tiny island) in Secondary 3 before we made a mad dash for our 'O' levels in Secondary 4 (which meant no more hanging out aimlessly at malls). So I have many fond memories which I wanted to relive as I took a stroll around.

Some parts of the mall has not changed much at all. For one, McDonald's and Swenson's has never moved from their prominent spot on the 1st floor (I'll know, because we spent a lot of time there gossipping when we were teenagers)!

But then, a lot has also changed from the way I remembered it. There is now a new extension and the mall is made more family-oriented. I was actually quite surprised to discover a Kids @ Play at the fourth floor.

Kids @ Play at North Point

It comprises of a water play area and a small playground for young children.

Water play area

This water playground is similar to NEX but much smaller.

Playground for little ones

The playground next to it is perfect for your young children (there's a height limit FYI) especially if you didn't bring extra clothing.

Girlee and her grasshopper friend

In addition to the wonderful play facilities, I was happy to discover that there's also a TV area on the 3rd floor for older kids to be entertained while their parents shopped..

TV Corner well as Kiddy Cabs that can be rented at the Customer Service Counter on the 2nd floor.

Kiddy Cabs available for rental

But as baby girl was already too tired out by the playground and was taking her nap, we didn't get to try it out. So I'll just have to show you a picture of her in a similar Kiddy Cab which we rented for free at City Square Mall, which also provides the same service.

"Wheee! I can drive like daddy!"

She enjoyed it very much of course. Every mall should have more of these =)

In addition, should you or your kid or both of you require a haircut, there's one that provides haircuts for kids in little cars (there are similar outlets in other malls too) which I thought was really neat.

Kids Haircut for $10

But the thing that impressed me the most was the vast number of nursing rooms available next to every toilet on every floor! There's no need to fight with other mothers for space to feed your hungry baby even during crowded weekends.

Nursing room at North Point Shopping Centre (Level B1)

As usual, check out my nursing room page for full reviews.

Overall, North Point is pretty cool for a heartland mall! Definitely a kid-friendly place to bring your kids =)


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