Wednesday 21 September 2011

The Bunting Bunny

A few weeks ago, my friend and fellow mum blogger Adora (who blogs at Gingerbread Mum) contacted me to review a new product that she had created called The Bunting Bunny.

She came up with the idea of creating a DIY bunting pack for mothers and their children to work on together due to feedback from clients of her craft business, Buggy Bee Kids, who wanted to do more crafts with their kids but didn't have time to find the materials to make them.

She asked me if I would like to try it and I agreed immediately!

My Bunting Bunny pack in the mail

My Bunting Bunny pack was then mailed to me and in it was a bottle of glue, ribbon, flags, letters of my baby's name and instructions.

Components of my Bunting Bunny pack

Step 1, according to the instructions, was to decide the layout of the flags.

Laying out the flags..

I almost always do my crafts on my bed, which I never had a problem with as I'm really careful although I'm totally re-thinking that strategy now that I'll be doing more crafts with a messy baby.

Anyway, baby girl helped me with Step 2, which was to apply glue to the back of each letter.

Applying glue to the back of the letters

Make sure that you're applying on the back of the letter and that the whole felt, especially the corners, is filled with glue. Next, stick the letter in the middle of the flag.

Sticking the letter onto the flags
Letter 'J' on the flag

If you're like me and you have this need to align everything perfectly, here's a tip. Fold all the flags down and make a crease across the top of all the flags, which is the 'line' that you can use to align your letters.

As usual, baby girl got bored after the 2nd step and I was on my own for Step 3, which was to glue the flags onto the ribbon.

You'll need to fold the ribbon into two in order to get a middle line where the middle flags go so that both ends of the bunting are the same. Then, put the flag on top of the ribbon before applying the glue so that you would know exactly how much glue you'd need to apply.

Applying glue onto the flag

Leave the whole thing to dry overnight and viola!

The finished bunting!

I love it! It would look absolutely perfect in my girl's room of our future house =)

Benefits of The Bunting Bunny:
  • Great crafting opportunity for busy mums who have no time to prepare crafts for their kids
  • Older kids can enjoy a great bonding experience with their parents
  • Younger kids can learn the letters of their names
  • Great idea for birthday presents, christmas presents, etc
How to order:
You may order one for yourself by emailing the following details to

a) Name of Child:
b) Choice of design:
c) Type of postage: Normal / Registered
d) Mailing address:

It will take approximately 2 weeks from receipt of payment (bank transfers only) to receive your order.

Each customised Bunting Bunny pack costs $18 (not including postage) which includes up to 7 letters of your child's name. The 8th letter onwards will be charged at $1 per letter. For e.g., if your child's name is C-H-R-I-S-T-O-P-H-E-R (11 letters), you'll have to pay an extra $4 for the 4 additional letters that are not included in the price.

However, there is an introductory offer of $15 (not including postage) for all orders made before the end of September 2011!

And even better news..

ONE lucky reader of my blog will stand a chance to win a Bunting Bunny pack!

To win, all you need to do is:

1) Like MadPsychMum on Facebook, if you haven't already done so

2) Leave a comment on this post, stating why you would like a Bunting Bunny pack, who it's for and where you're going to hang it!

3) Leave another comment (optional) on my facebook fan page, under the giveaway status, for an additional chance to win!

It's that easy!

This giveaway is only open to readers residing in Singapore & ends on 30th September 2011 so start liking and commenting! =)

UPDATE: I have randomly picked a winner and it is none other than San! I'll be contacting you soon =)

Disclosure: A complimentary bunting was received from Buggy Bee Kids for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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