Sunday 18 September 2011

One Wedding Down, Four More to Go

At the end of every annual Hungry Ghost Festival season is the usual flooding of wedding invitations from friends and family and this year was not different.

First up was my paternal cousin's wedding to his long time sweetheart of 9 years!

We dolled baby girl up in a dress we got from our trip to Shenzhen and some fancy white shoes I bought at OG at a discount for only $9 (I don't believe in buying expensive shoes for my baby as she'll grow right out of it in 3 weeks)!
She looked so cute we just had to take pictures with her on the way to the wedding!
My cousin, whose wedding was held at Hotel Fort Canning, is the same cousin who owns a pet iguana..
I took a picture of one of the pages of their wedding album for real! When I saw this reptile in its cage for the first time at my cousin's house when visiting them during Chinese New Year, I was really surprised! I heard that he had raised the huge fellow ever since it was a teeny tiny little thing and therefore was so extremely attached to it that he refused to let it go to the local zoo despite much pleas from my late grandmother.

I'm not sure if his wife loved his beloved pet as much as he did but I sure thought it was sweet of her to allow it to be a part of the wedding pictures! So cool ain't it =)

My dad was also in town for this one..
Baby girl with her maternal granddad
..and it was great as we hardly get to see him 'cos of work.

And since we got so bored waiting for the banquet to start, we decided to take some shots of our own!
Love these photos of us!
And then, it was time for the bridal march!
The beautiful bride and groom!
The food was pretty tasty and I particularly loved their door gifts..
Crown Blank Keys
You could either make keys out of them (which I intend to do once we get our own house) or hang them on a string as a necklace (my sis' idea).

After the wedding, we gathered at my mom's house for chit-chat. Baby girl was feeling uncomfortable in her dress so we got her out of it and into one of my sis' tank tops..
..which we custom made to fit her by tying a knot at the back! Smart eh =)

We enjoyed my dad's company very much and it's too bad that he had to leave so soon. Can't wait for his next trip back!

Until then, we've got four more weddings to go!

P.S. Check out my first article that I wrote for Mama Moderne as Guest Contributing Writer as well as our wedding feature on Singapore Brides! :))
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